My organised chaos

I see people’s painting tables, with their paints all colour and type coordinated, their spotless work benches etc., and then I glance over at my organised chaos.


In my defence, you will not find many grey plastic miniatures loitering around and gathering dust, and shame.

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This used to be mine - its slightly better organised now!


My own area is a bit better today too, @Sceleris as i was missing a rider for some Praetorian Cavalry, (as it turns out i’m missing 6 horses and 7 men from the unit.) so i had to tidy it all up to check in case i had misplaced them, but no, they are still deserters.

Not a lot of space at my place…


That can be a good thing V-Dawg, It forces one to be tidy.

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Army storage rather than painting!


That’s pretty organised @Sceleris. I use similar boxes myself for storage and carrying my armies. They are handy for stacking, and my warroom occasionally gets used as a guest bedroom, when i take the boards off the bad, so the crates slide nicely under the bed/battlefield too.

Since my wife works in home office and I need the desk to prepare lessons for the next day, I had to come up with a ‘store away’ solution. I only get stuff out when I need it.

∆ all my colours in a mobile mdf storage.

∆ Airbrush, spray cans and basing materials

∆ current projects

Downside: I have to get the stuf out, before I can start painting, which prevents from doing quick sessions.

Upside: It’s pretty tidy!