Nighstalkers 2020 -- All Contrast Paints Project -- Back to the hobby desk after nearly a year

Greetings all,

I’m Logging my progress in this thread, exploring a contrast paint approach to the Nightstalkers faction. The only standard paints used will be matte black + metallic for weapons, armor bits, etc.
And there won’t be much of those on these nightmarish creatures!

This is a brand new project, and up first is a trio of Butchers.

Here is an example of a typical unit based with ballast / rocks and sprayed with a coat of Grey Seer primer.

As developments continue I will specifically address the performance and results of the Contrast range on these minis.
Thanks for your interest!


I slapped a few wash like paints on a butcher and it worked quite well. This project should be great to follow

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Really enjoy seeing Contrast experiments in action, especially on models that the range should work well with (i.e. not plate armor) :wink: Spoiler, I have my own Contrast-heavy NS on a deep backburner right now too, so color me particularly interested.

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I’m glad it’s applicable to you @Boss_Salvage.

Quick update – here are the bases, only a Grey Seer primer with one coat of Sylvan Wildwood.
This seemed to produce a natural muddy wet earth feel, while providing broken rocks similar to what dry brushing would accomplish.
This result may need more work – a wash of agrax over the very light parts, or a different dry brush color, but in the spirit of a 95% Contrast experiment, I’m leaving as - is for now.

Not a bad fast effect, yes? Plus, I’m adding some nice fall leaves in the muddy autumn soil once they arrive from Green Stuff World.
Thoughts / feedback always welcomed.


Experimenting with attempting to blend and smoothly transition contrast paint colors. It is not easy, not ideal.
The upper arms and tentacles worked well enough for the C+ table-top quality I am going for. Primarily because some surfaces were deeper than others and clearly defined.
The legs, not so much. I may want to keep them mono color or apply a standard blue wash over the lighter color.

Any experiences / thoughts with blending Contrast paints on a smooth surface?


I’m really curious how that whole thing will turn out! I like the idea very much, and I’m going to do similar stuff in the future (starting off simple with Eod and skeleton Horde, but going for Abyssals when the years go by). Keep them pics coming :+1:

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I’ve had some success with blending contrast paints with using 2 brushes (1 for each color) at the same time, and kind of pushing the darker paint into the lighter paint on the model before the lighter color has had a chance to start to dry. Basically working 1 area at a time instead of painting everything the first color and trying to blend from there.

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Sounds like wetblending :wink: that could work well with the contrast paints

Greetings. A progress and experiment shot – the left side of these three Butchers were done just one color after the other; two blues and two purples were used.; The lighter blue only on one model (upper legs). I used just one brush (no dual brush wielding yet), and let each dry before proceeding.

My experiment – on the top head and tentacles I am going to attempt two-brush blending. Nothing time consuming, all contrast still, but follow the suggestions here and see what I can do. All, mind you, with time imperatives in mind.
It will be fun to see if I can make them look a bit better. I think the top of their heads are a perfect canvass for the scientific test.

Until then, what are your thoughts on their very fast and basic left arms / torsos?


I’m digging the experiment and the gradient is good in places such as the far-right model’s left arm, but I think you’re not diluting the glaze enough. You want more of the white to be showing through than you are as right now the blue is getting really washed out.

If you don’t want it that light, always remember you can add more—it’s the removing that’s the hard part (also with thinner layers you could really beef up the transitions to the pink).

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Greetings everyone, Merry Christmas and happy holidays to you and yours,

I tried the two-brush blending suggested on the top of the heads, and am pleased with the result:

I agree with you @VisiblyRiley that I must thin the contrast with some matte medium – and I shall, on my next three models. Despite their flaws I wanted to do this batch consistently.
I’m looking forward to how a thinner glaze will assist in making these models really pop.

Aside from basing with my fall / autumn leaves that are taking forever to arrive, I am done with half of the six Butchers for my January Commitment.
I’ll post in about a week when I use the mixing medium more carefully, and then juxtapose the two sets. This will set a tempo for faster work in the future knowing how much effort i want to put into each basic unit.
Thanks – feedback always appreciated, and please forgive the slow pace.


Justin some hobbyists recommended putting medium directly and thinly on the model before blending colors, instead of in the Contrast paint itself. Any experience with this?

I have not tried that, though it would probably work if you weren’t trying to be super neat with it. Wetblending it worked fine for me, but if you’re worried about it drying too quick, it’s worth a shot.

But the more I use contrast paints, the more I would just rather use glazing with normal paints instead. There is more prep work involved, but the amount of control you have over the paint is hard to match.


Test sample complete for wet Fall / Autumn base scheme:

Ignore the parts of this 40mm base that do not have ballast.

It’s a small patch, but enough to give me the, “Green Light” to proceed.

Next pic coming in a few days – the Completed Horde! Question – would you have dry brushed the base further with lighter colors of brown? I was tempted to, but really want to keep this project realistic.
Leaves are from Green Stuff World, by the way.

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Happy New Year everyone. Added some grass to the rather bland bases.
Here is a completed Regiment of Butchers.

Feedback appreciated.


Looking good! I’d just tidy up the base outer edge though. A paint pen is easy, or just brush on a uniform colour

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They look really good! 5 stars

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Thanks Salem yes I will paint the edges of the bases. With my movement trays they will not be visible, but I may use these models for something else in the future. cheers.


I appreciate you following this, and the support @Needlefang123!

The transitions still look a little rough, but I’m sure that’s just part of the material and time constraints you’ve placed on the project.

I’m digging the purple and wish that the blue areas had a similar amount of tonal contrast to them.

All in all though, I’m digging this project a lot. Thanks for sharing!

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