Nightstalkers Shadows in the North finished (plus some scatter terrain)

Just finished work on my half of the starter kit (my brother is working on the other half). I’ve painted some individual minis for DnD, but this is my first attempt at army painting. Any feedback is appreciated


Welcome to the forum and those are really nice bunch of nightstalkers! I like the lamp on bases, nice detail.


Thanks! looks like a good group of people :+1: yeah, really wanted to go for that Bloodborne look, so when I saw those lamps at Hobby Lobby it was a snap grab

Are they walking in blood splattered cobblestones - looks awesome! Keep painting and update us with progress. I am looking forward to seeing more

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Thanks :+1: yep, I love that ye olde gothic London look, and the cobblestone streets fit the bill nicely. These are all the KoW minis I currently own, and I’m planning on playing at least a few low-point games before deciding what I want to get to expand