November Now! - painting topic

Love it! I have a Mumak myself that i’d converted into a Gargantuan Squiggoth, but no longer play 40k, so maybe i should rebase it into some Orc Chariots.

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Thanks @Telchar I started my KOW Elf army a long time ago now, but as I started it was actually the first time I experimented with blending on Palace Guard Cloaks and Spearmen/Archer Shields. That makes it doubly encouraging to hear such praise now that I improved a little :slight_smile:

Takes me quite a while to finish a model though and it feels even slower now that I’m painting Cavalry models and finishing a single model takes even longer :smile:


Finally, after eight months (I started him during Monster March…) i finished Tempest, my pegasus:

More pictures here


sweet model, looks great

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Gator done for Age of Fantasy Skirmish.


Model is a Para Bellum Conquest figure which came with December’s Miniature Wargames mag.

Will be used as Gnaeus (in Basilean) or Baron on Aralez (Rhordia).

He’s a big chap as the comparison pic shows!


Technically, I’m not supposed to open my birthday present until mid December, but hey, my kids know I have no will power :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: so I opened it up early and found Kuzlo and Madfall and some Luggits .
so naturally, I started working on Kuzlo straight away. the lizard dude needed a long forked tongue and a nice base before I went any further… And I opted for a change of colour too!!


Steel juggernaut!
My only complaint is that the aesthetic almost, but not entirely, matches my other Mantic dwarfs.
It looks like the actual dwarf in the juggernaut is slightly smaller.


And some more dwarfs - Ironguard regiment (Oathmark heavy dwarfs)


Huscarl reg for Dark Age Varangur


That wall is a nice addition to the base!

The chainmail looks nice beside the contrasting red and blue. Nice and clean, good job!

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Cheers - bits of an old Hirst Arts ruined tower kit I picked up years ago. I’ve got chunks of it scattered across all the dwarf bases - ties them together and adds a bit of extra interest.

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I did a headswapped Gelt recently.

More info on how and why I built it here:


Agree with your comments in the blog about the mount - more suitable for a wizard than some of the chunkier versions

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These are the beginnings of my Herd Mongolian Army, Tribal Warriors and Centaur Bray-Hunters (unfinished).

Hopefully going to continue to grow the army over the winter. Please Excuse the Hand!


Very nice, especially the basing!

Sweet models and great baseing

Thanks @Telchar @Nav My painting is pretty mediocre but once they are on a base together they begin to look alright.

Wanted a consistent basing theme for the army. Not ready for the detailed dioramas you make though @Nav

Here are the finished cavalry and a mounted Druid.


Nice stuff - and a great theme as well.

Latest time killer while awaiting Armada delivery - another hunters of the wild reg