OK, I'm going Green!

Starting the thread here - and will become a Showcase once it’s not just weird thoughts and unbuilt stuff!

On the basis that I don’t have an orc army, the forthcoming rift forged lot look fun and the fact that I haven’t started a new project in 4 months(!) means something green(ish) is in the pipeline :wink:

A combination of vague memories of an old White Dwarf army feature of a goblin caravan themed list with weird beasts and watching Clash of the Titans while drunk means scorpions of various sizes will feature a bit!

Plan is to get lots of different orc kits from various sources and kitbash the cr*p out of it all - with consistent basing and paint scheme to tie everything together.

Basing plan is mix of ruins, slightly desert-y terrain and dead trees inspired by some of the really nice freebie terrain from Clash - the Terrain Crate range is excellent.

Rather like every other rambling project, will probably get about 3-4k built then try and work out an army list!

Therefore be warning - strange wip pics of weird sh*t incoming :wink:


1981 clash of the titans or 2010?

And love to see the weirdness that are green skins. Some of the best diy stuff is from orcs and gobbos. Besides who doesnt love giant scorpion riding uglies?

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2010 version.

Yeah, even with what appears to be a slightly more regimented vibe for the RFO, still planning ramshackled style and go from there

You had my attention at “weird” and got even more of it with scorpions!

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You picked a good time to go green, it being Orctobwaghhhh



Mierce miniatures! Fancy!

Hope you got them during one of their sales, they are beautiful but pricy!

I feel like I had that scorpion toy as a kid, or at least something like it. Either which way, neat!

Yeah, half price sale some years ago - and have had both sets sat in a box ever since awaiting inspiration!

Some initial basing work. Going to do a touch more highlight/definition on the plaster/render on the walls and have a variety of dead/desert style scatter/tufts on order.


Scatter, tufts, skulls and orcs to add!! - but otherwise done!


Few weird bits have arrived :wink:


Have you ever posted a guide to how you approach basing? Your work is amazing.

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Cheers mate.

There are various WiP pics of stuff scattered around, but for the next lot I’ll try to take some better photos etc.

The vast amount is plasticard, poundland tile grout, random bits of scenic basing extras and a variety of brown paint!

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How do you do/find the cobblestones? I’m trying to plan out basing for my Northern Alliance and am looking for every tutorial I can find. I have a 3D printer so I can make scatter terrain pieces to help.

DAS modeling clay and a greenstuff world roller

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Para Bellum Conquest Trolls - Not the most dynamic models, but pretty decent and not complaining at £25 for 12.


Still in random build phase with CoK and 90 erewhon orcs are on route!

Scorpion chariots/fight wagons

Chaos hounds mounts for gore riders, some more trolls and flying gribblies


Getting somewhere with the basing, if nothing else!