OMG October! - painting topic

Waiting for goblins, so working on a horde base for them.


Loving all the latest posts.

Finished my Elf Stormwind Cavalry regiment - plastic version. Also got a second regiment of Gladestalker Archers completed.

Next up two regiments of Gladestalker swords.


Armada rather than KoW, but got the mojo to do more terrain.


Orc hero for a Middlehammer style legacy challenge.


Cave dwelling Goblin Sharpstick horde/or a legion options… might need some fungi decorations me thinks (upload://d5wkTaklcb3drzAtSiYFFG46kLw.jpeg)


First batch of Retainers finished. Only eleven more to go…


Keeping myself busy while waiting for the new goblins to arrive… A Magwa and Joo’s mawbeast and handler conversion… ! No new goblinz arrived today, so I did more work on the Magwa and Joo’s models. The Mawbeast in particular has so many contours that it can be challenging to do the model justice with tones and shadows for the depth.

Irish weather and poor autumnal evenings are a constant challenge to getting good photos at this time of year, even without the added problems of my hand tremor for holding a mobile phone steady 😛 After three attempts, i finally got some decent pics. The trick, i found, is not to put the model flat on the table, but rather to tilt it at a forty five degree angle, or even on its end, to better catch the light from the bulb overhead, otherwise the details are all lost in shadows… and using the flash is useless


I got the much awaited starter kit this afternoon and started with the cool Wiz!


A fun idea Nav :slight_smile:

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thank you @FredOslow . a 20mm base seemed an insult to this epic sculpt. it is still in the grass beneath for gaming purposes, should he in a moment of utter madness decide to charge into the fray … or more likely , to measure range from.

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The Trolls looked far too serious for my Goblin army, so I gave them a bit of glamour and colour to make them dance… “Dance I said!..”

I Finally found a good use for the pot of Screaming bell paint.


I did some Halloween Hobby.
Pumpkin heads are from Rapier Miniatures. Saw them while buying 6mm Persians and thought that I could spruce up my night-stalker bases.


My Shieldbreakers (MOMMiniatures) and Stonepriest (Reaper)


First couple of finished ships for Armada (the Black Seas ones will get rules for KoM)


Pretty Ships are pretttyyy! :slightly_smiling_face: … mh gonna have to preorder after all even though my painting table is still too full as it is :laughing:

Warlord have a today only discount sale on their Black Sea fleets :wink:

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Got some more Dungeon Saga work done the last weeks and now have the first two adventures fully playable. :grinning: One of the next weekends I’ll get my fiancee drunk enough to play it with me :laughing:

Doors & Troll & Props:


Horde of Goblin Spitters completed and as for model count: i’ve counted 5 times, and it’s either 34/35/or 36. i keep getting a different number, but i think it’s 34 goblin models, 1 orcling/snotling, 1 hanged man and a mawpup… oh and a spider and a Giant Spider i had left over from my Fleabag rider horde too, so technically 39


i’m hoping to start on my Rabble horde base this weekend, a meandering yellow brick road made of sprues through a peice of Goblin woodland, with a dead elf on it, and most of the unit looking inward towards the body… that’s my plan at least


This model showed up in my mailbox the other day thanks to a whimsical friend with a 3D printer.

Still a work in progress but I’m having lots of fun with it! It’s pretty big and would have to be on a 40mm base, maybe a counts-as Magwa & Joo’s?