One Northern King Army Reviews

As I’m sure many of you will already have seen, I’m currently putting together army reviews for all of the armies in the game.

While I am a massive fan of the traditional army review format that Dash28 use of their site, they usually only show the opinion of one person playing in one particular meta. In reality even within the same gaming group there is often a lot of disagreement over which units are top tier and which leave a lot to be desired. So I decided to format these army reviews in a way that captures that debate.

Each review is made up of the opinions of four different players; either players who know the army well or regularly plays against it. I’ve tried to ensure that the players who review each army come from a wide variety of different gaming backgrounds and different parts of the world.


Twilight Kin


Trident Realm




Order of the Green Lady


Forces of Basilea




This is a very depressing review. There seems to be an annoying theme emerging from Mantic, whereby everyone is excited by the hype of a new edition and only later do we find out that things have changed for the worse.
So it seems the RC really took their eye off the ball with Imperial Dwarfs? I know this review is just people’s opinions but they are experienced players and it’s obviously worth publishing.
I am a huge supporter of the RC but this seems to be coming up ever more frequently in many army reviews atm. Is it done to justify publishing the CoK updates? Or are they genuinely clueless about how to do this?
I wouldn’t have a clue how to do it, but I was under the impression they did. At least with the number of badly regarded units with Mantic models you can be fairly sure they aren’t ‘pulling a GW’ to make you buy more minis…


Ratkin Slaves


The dwarf review did include a particularly negative player.

On the balance side of things; Kings of War does it better than any other wargame I know.
Many of the issues are design ideas that don’t quite fit or overshadow other units.

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You found some ratkin players! :wink:

Yeah, AH has hardly been the most positive about dwarves, even the acknowledged decent units.

The overall low score also comes from the list including some unit types that would score down regardless of army - hand gunners, xbows & siege artillery/bombard for example - plus some that just really don’t seem to work (zerker infantry, battle drillers).

The RC go on lots of results, play testing an player input - you can find that doesn’t always create balance. Similarly, just buffing some units because a different army have some great ones isn’t ideal, or workable



Dwarfs are also very much an army of solid unit that work together, as opposed to having stars being supported. Which I think is in character.

I also get the impression that ironwatch are included because the miniatures exist, but the way the faction and list are designed/envisioned leave them behind.

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Forces of the Abyss


I’ve only read the OotGL & Elf reviews so far but I’m enjoying these. While there are some more negative comments/assessments, I think that comes with the multiple opinions and overall, that seems a strength of these articles.

Looking forward to the FoN and the Herd reviews in particular.


Yeah, good reads.

Is interesting how some units get fairly differing reviews/ratings, depending on the play style of the individual

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The army reviews are great - they show unit profiles, showcase well-painted units, and give a detailed range of views.

A small suggestion after reading more of these - some sort of summary at the end from each player. Roughly what do they take in an army, what’s their overall approach on the tabletop? Some times this is touched upon in the individual unit assessments or can be pieced together but a paragraph or two at the end to draw it all together would round these off nicely.


I absolutely love the format of your army reviews. Very informative and the input from multiple players is fantastic! Any idea when we can expect the next one?

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Still going back to these when mulling over units and projects. Hopefully there are some more in the pipeline? A great resource.


Yes i’m sure. Looking forward to more. The best army reviews bar none! Great Job @EM-the-NorthernKing