Order of the Green Lady with Wave effects Project (Mike Grant)

After going to Samurai Showdown, wanted to get back into my OotGL project.

Here are some of the shots.


Great sense of movement with the waves!

There’s a lot going on here, in a good way - looks like a lot of fun.

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Sweet water effects! Dig that smaller hoppy griffin sculpt as well.

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updates for tonight.


Updated with the Earth Elementals, the Titans, and updated my Beast of nature with a giant Roc.


You didn’t tell me it’s a Kings of Warmachine army too O_O

Bravo dude, I love it even more :ocean:

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Very ‘monumental’ looking. In a quite literal way. The wave effects are really cool.
I don’t know how you find the time to do all these great armies , but please keep them coming. It’s always inspiring to see!

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some really good water work there

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Thanks for the kind words all.

As the project develops i’ll keep you updated.
Here are a few new shots of the bird.


loving the colour on those feathers.

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love the blue and purple on the feathers, very unusual choice looks great.

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Savage, I wouldn’t want these wonderful PP models to go to waste. Let them live on!

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Few shots of getting to the table this weekend with the Atlantis Theme OotGL army vs. my buddy Scott’s Masters Players choice, Pirate themed Kingdoms of Men.

Water table really came together.


I was really impressed by your army already, reminded me of Heide’s Tower area in Dark Souls 2, but seeing it on this table versus another awesome water themed army is even cooler


WOW guys, what a match up :sweat_smile: Finished Atlanteans look superb - I didn’t remember there being triple Woldwraths in there! Also, isn’t OOTGL the half of the old Brohood that virtually no one plays? Good on you for putting it on the table in such splendor :ocean:


That’s an amazing battle - the matching armies & table, fantastic!

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Thank you guys. Sharing is a big part of building a fantastic community.

Yeah, the WW my “DarthVader” tough guy play. You have to have a plan to take them down. I’m still learning how to use them correctly. Defend with them too long and one can miss the objectives attack too fast and they crumble unsupported and give a way too much attrition. new challenge for me.

This is part of a bigger army Im doing. All the models Im doing are Atlanteans themed; so I can play Elves, Brothermark, Brotherhood, Trident, kings of Men, and Basileans.

Considering how I can pull off a Herd army with an ocean theme. Brainstorming on that would be fun. " Sea wolves". I want to repurpose my Warmachine Hordes werewolves.

Dark Souls! Yes, Im sure that had a influence. Good catch!

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These feathers are absolutely great! Can I ask how you did them? I might steal the idea…

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Thank you.

There is some technique to it.

  • grey primer
  • Black Primer (sprayed from under for a shadow)
  • White primer (sprayed for top for highlight.) (important for vibrance of the model - color saturation)
  • Let dry
  • Dark wash to get detail in cracks ( preferably a dark blue in this case. not over whole model)
  • Airbrush Blue Center of model and core color. (strokes going down and away from the model)
  • Airbush purple over white areas for brightness
  • blend airbrush colors as needed
  • select another wash for any cracks and deeper detail destired.
  • Paint brush Detail with selected light color to bring out feather details. light strokes using light blue over the edges.
  • paint brush the same for the edges of the wings using pastel violet and lighter until satisfied.
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