Oslo, NOR: Epic Dwarf GT: 15&16 January 2022

Epic Dwarf GT!


(drawing by Lars)

Previously part of the event known as Conquest.
Rebranded in memory of the late & great Lars.
Dates: 15&16 January 2022
Location: Anker Hotel, Storgata 55, Oslo
Hotel Bar - grab a beer while playing!
Lunch sat+sun and all-day coffee for sat+sun included in the ticket

Event ticket: NOK 990 BUY NOW
Refund policy: 100% refund available before December 6th! So no reason not to get your ticket early!
(33% refund between dec 6th and 31st, 0% refund from the new year)

Room not included in the ticket.
Book your room at: [booking@anker.oslo.no] and give the referance code 666319.
Single and twin rooms available at a discount if you book before December 14th (Single Room: 14. january 927 NOK, 15. january 697 NOK - Twin room: 14. january 1.182 NOK, 15. january 850 NOK).

Rule details:

3 games saturday, 2 games sunday. 2000 point lists.

Complete rulespack (link to Google Drive)

Previous event photos:

This is the main info site.
But if you want more interaction and conversation, feel free to join the facebook group (Epic Dwarf GT).

Signed up (paid):

  1. Vidar “V-dawg”
  2. Tor Andre
  3. Christian
  4. Andreas
  5. Øyvind
  6. Knut
  7. Morten
  8. Truls
  9. Thomas BA