Page's Basileans (Newbie Dice)


Great army! I love how over the top divine and holy they look! Great work!

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Very nice looking army.

Out of interest sake, where are t he angels (or elohi) from?

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Great mix of minis, well done. Love the Storm Raptor as mega phoenix!

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LOVE the use of Raging Heroes minis, really Inspiring (get it? :stuck_out_tongue: ) me to get mine done!

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Nicely done Page!

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Raging heroes. But I’ll warn you they are very difficult to work with. Made of very fragile resin and the slender bits break very easily. My models suffered multiple breakage sjnce this photos…They also come with tons of flash. I had to commission someone to assemble for me cos I don’t want to deal with it.


Raging heroes! That is where I saw them, I knew they looked familiar.

Oof, but that is not a glowing recommendation there. Considering the trouble of actually getting them to me (in South Africa), I’ll probably skip them then.

Yes I do not recommend them at all. The prettiness is not worth it. They are quite expensive too, and slightly smaller scale than our usual mantic n gw. The raging heroes cav look like ponies next to the mantic cav.

Yeah I was quite nervous going with a pink theme but I think they worked out well!

That’s odd, I haven’t had any issues with their models at all. They are lithe and slender, true, so you need to take care when assembling them, but I don’t think anyone with reasonable experience in the hobby would have any issues.

Hmm that’s strange. Jeremy duvall and I have the same concensus about raging heroes. You can also hear him describe raging heroes minis as temperamental on counter charge. Which is a nice way of saying they’re a bitch to work with lol. They are resin, which tends to be brittle, and slim, which means they are fragile to breaking. And with lots of paper thin flash we need to be very careful cleaning it. And even after that, my cavalry flag broke off in my first game when my arm accidentally brushed against it while reaching for units.

But I’m glad you’re finding success with them. To each their own I guess.

The players with them around here have expressed similar comments about the difficulty of working with these minis. They are pretty though…