Painting competition voting

Over the Summer we, along side the Centeal London KoW club have run a series of online hobby events. Now the entries for the painting competition are now in, we would love people to have a look at the models and rate them for us. :blush:


Great idea and you have some really nice work there. I went through the voting but would prefer to see all the work at one page, not vote for the first about 10 models, then go to a next page with another 10 etc. Being able to review quickly all entries at first would help to set an overall scale. Some entries might also had gotten lower (then deserved) marks from me as the pictures were not good enough to judge the quality of painting and modelling.

I tried to find some spare minutes to vote but I simply ran out of time and had to abort on page 2. This also happened to me in the last voting a few months back. Your forms may be too extensive, they require a solid effort to complete.

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As it is a pretty chunky thing to get through, the ability to save & come back, or have as one each for the different categories maybe?

Do think that having an overview of the models before doing the voting/easier comparison would be nice - but appreciate there are limitations

There are some really nice entries (a couple of which should clearly win), although as commented above some are simply photographed better than others - even if the models might not be.