Questions about charge rules

Hi! I’ve started playing KoW a few weeks ago and i’m having trouble understanding some of the charge rules.

  1. In this example,

The “blue 1” unit is trying to charge the “red A” unit, can they do it? The reason i’m asking is because of the shuffle movement, I know you can’t charge against the corner of a unit, but, how much of the face of an enemy unit do you need to touch for the charge to be allowed.

  1. This is another problem related to the last question:

Units “1” and “2” multicharge “B”, and then unit “3” charges “A”.

Is this allowed? “Unit 2” is covering a bit of unit “A” front face, so can “3” fit in there?

  1. When you’re charging, can you pivot through an enemy or friendly unit? I know that you can’t end the pivot over another unit.

Thanks and i’m sorry if this has been asked many times before, i’m not a native english speaker and sometimes the wording of the rules confuse me.

  1. Yes - there is enough room for unit 1 to be in contact with the front side of unit A. I don’t know if there is a specific rule on it, but as long as its not exactly corner to corner, you can charge it (I’ve had a horde get <1/2 inch of front-to-front contact and it was universally declared legit at our club).

  2. Also, Yes - had you done it any other way (with unit 3 charging first), you would probably not have had room to get both 1 and 2 in on unit B. As long as Units A and B are even (or you charged whichever one was further back first), they should fit. They are allowed to “touch”, but in doing so they are not engaged to their non-charge target.

  3. No - charging precludes interposing bases, unlike normal movement. The exception is if it a flying unit, however even then I’m not 100% sure about pivoting.

EDIT: okay, maybe yes on the third one. See below, Fred’s post.

  1. You move straight ahead, hit the corner, then pick up your unit and place it perfectly front and center on the enemy unit.

  2. See from 09:20 cases 4, 5 and 6 of this video for some tips on multi charges. (Cases 1-3 are not 100% correct anymore since this is a 2nd ed video)

  3. Yes you can pivot through but have to end the pivot not inside any units. Which means you often becomes need to pivot almost 90 degrees to not end up “on top” of them.
    Flyers can be held over units while pivoting, and continue moving from there (still have to end their move in an open area ofc).


Thanks to both of you! You were very clear.