Ratkin Clawshot conversion idea

Skaven Stormvermin + Skitarii rifle.


That is a brilliant idea. I might steal it.

That’s Ok I stole it from someone else. Its the Ratkin way. Kroot rifles also work, but some of the hands might be strange.


My own little conversion for the scurriers with crossbows


Dark Elf Crossbows? What Skaven is that? Very nice!

Dark elf corsairs, I think.
Also have you seen the new ratkin models from Greebo?

No. have a link? I looked on their site and didn’t see anything.

Sorry, those guys are Blood bowl only. I meant Punga Miniatures, just in case you have not heard of them: https://pungaminiatures.com/ratman-warriors/

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I used those rifles! But I used mantic goblin bodies with Veer myn heads:


Really cool and creative conversions! I’ll forward these to our Ratkin player, for sure!

Those are great! they look like a lot of work. Goblin bodies, Veer-myn set, add tails. But worth the effort. They look great. Id love to see the rest of your army. (maybe as a army blog/showcase?) You using Veer-myn weapon platforms and the big guys as brutes?

Yeah, the whole army is made from Veer myn (and other mantic models). I just have one more slave reg and a clawshot reg to finish and I’ll post the whole lot.

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Awesome, looking forward to it. Thanks.

Veer-Myn has some great stuff for the Ratkin army. But if that is a Ratkin Brute on the Mantic site for that League of Their Own game…then it is terrible. I guess we will have to wait and see what happens in the 2nd KOW 3rd book, since Ratkin wont be in the core book.

Yeah, I hate the league of infamy brutes. I made mine from veer myn nightmares.


These were the bloodbowl skaven bodies