Ratkin Uncharted Empires Question

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I just joined the KoW forum (been a fan since v1, but never got around to signing up since Mantic closed their own fora).

Anyway, I looked around but couldn’t see any sign of an FAQ for Uncharted Empires., so if this has already been covered, I apologize.

My question is on the Ratkin list. The Tangle states that it gains +1 die for a number of different spells for each, “Friendly Core Infantry Regiment, Infantry Horde, Infantry Legion, or unit with the VERMIN keyword within 6 inches”.

But looking through the units themselves, there are NO friendly core infantry regiments, hordes, of Legions with the VERMIN keyword. The only units that have it are Vermintide and the Mutant Rat-fiend.

Does anyone know if that’s a mistake in the list? Seems weird that they would call out core infantry units specially if none of them have the keyword.

This is also potentially an issue with the Mutant Rat Fiend as well since it also makes reference to units with the Vermin keyword.

And one a somewhat related topic, has anyone heard anything that might suggest Brutes would come back to the Ratkin list? They’re still explicitly referenced in the background information and there’s a Brute Leader as a character option. I can accept losing the Blight since they can be proxied easily enough as Shock Troops, but losing Brutes hurts. I suppose the best option is to field them as Ogre allies, but that seems less than optional.




You ask a tricky question, and I hope someone can enlighten us! :slight_smile:

It looks like something was changed at one point, but sadly some key component didn’t change. As is that rule does nothing. I’d hazard a guess that ‘Ratkin’ was originally a keyword called ‘vermin’, and was changed, but the Tangle was overlooked.

It is weird that Brutes aren’t listed, yet the photo shows them. I suspect that they’ll be back.

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As Stonehorse says it’s probably a leftover from an earlier iteration of the rules, on Easy Army it’s already been corrected and I think Steve mentioned it for erratadom in a video. Just not sure when the Unchartered errata is due currently.

My understanding of this sentence is that core infantry bigger than troops in addition to units with the keyword (which are not infantry) give the bonus.

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That certainly seems to be the intent, and while that’s not how I initially read the entry, it also seems to be a reasonable reading .



That’s my reading as well. Given the impossibility of the alternative, I’m going to say that’s very likely what they meant :sweat_smile:

I suppose the wording in that case would be:
“Friendly Core Infantry Regiment, Infantry Horde, or Infantry Legion, or unit with the VERMIN keyword within 6 inches”.

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Using “any unit with…” may have been more clear.