Recent Kickstarter updates

Its interesting that the company is merging now which will bring on more people power for working on various projects. I also liked that they posted a rundown of the sections of the book and their progress in going through the publishing process.

I might try out the quickstart rules to get a head start on the Tri-core rules since my likely RPG group seems united behind trying the new rules rather than just using it as a D&D world. I was on the Fence leaning Tri-core but everyone else is all in on Tri-core.

Anybody else been hanging on every update albeit sometimes a few days late as they come out?


I have run the quickstart and I quite like tricore. The keyword and payback mechanic take a little getting used to as a GM, but are interesting and generate good RP.


Awesome, have you run Tri-core beyond the quick start or was that your only experience? I know they use the system for many of their other adaptions they have done but I don’t recall which ones right off the top of my head.

I think I might dive into the quick start as we get closer to the full release so I am ready to hit the ground running in theory with my group when the full release hits.

I’ve only run the quick start, RL has not been kind to RP recently.

My players enjoyed it and payback was fun.

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Good to hear.