Reviews of Wolf Miniatures

I’ve been working on this over the past few weeks, and thought it might be of interest to KoW players too if you’re looking for wolf miniatures :slight_smile:

I’ve focused on using them as Goblin riders (as that’s my army!) but I think in KoW there are more than a few armies that could make a nice use of wolf models too :slight_smile:

I deliberately didn’t include the Mantic fleabag miniatures however, not any slight at Mantic or those models; they just aren’t wolves to me! (nor are they meant to be I would not have thought!).


Love the review, thanks for putting it together. Also really happy Mierce made it in there (twice!)

When I get into a new themed army, I tend to do a lot of research on available minis across companies and do a similar cost-benefit analysis around availability, price, how long it’s going to take me to build sometimes dozens of the same few minis, and most importantly style. I learned a lot about available fire elementals when I did Bloodfire, for example, and then a ton about crab-people when I did Scuttling Realms, and then my latest work on Sylvan Kin / Herd has shown me the huge world of fungus-people I didn’t know existed.

Anyway, appreciate the research that went into this :sunglasses:

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Cheers @Boss_Salvage !

Sounds like you know an awful lot about some even more obscure and unusual miniature lines there! :smiley:

Oh and yeah Mierce actually just emailed me with a few more details too & some interesting background info on the sculpts, so I will be doing a few updates to that later this week, as well as part 2 and 3 of this of course :smiley:

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Thanks for pointing out the Fenrisian Wolves, those should do nicely for what I’m looking to do!

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Thanks for checking it out :smiley:

Yeah I didn’t discover those for ages, being from that daft sci-fi game I got bored of by 1993…

I feel a little sad that this didn’t include the Tundra Wolves:


Oooh! Thanks for the link Dave!
That’s purely because we’d never heard of those (being OnG players ofc!)…

Interesting. Do they have 4 eyes though? :open_mouth:

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Yes they do. Sometimes our artists drop something weird in to remind you it’s fantasy.

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I HAD NO IDEA :face_with_hand_over_mouth: Also I love it.

I will get a lot of Tundra Wolves eventually, but they’re going to be for my NA/Varangur, not my Deathpack. The four eyes is a fantastic detail!