Riftforgin' Lists & Tactics

Kicking the NuOrc discussion off with a middle of the ground balanced list I shopped up recently:

225 Thunderseers Horde
190 Unforged Orcs Horde
205 Reborn Legionaries Regiment*
125 Riftforged Legionaries Regiment*
125 Riftforged Legionaries Regiment*
120 Riftwalkers Troops
115 Tundra Wolves Troop
115 Tundra Wolves Troop
130 Stormslayer
115 Ambarox
115 Ambarox
160 Stormbringer on Helstrike Manticore
145 Stormbringer on Mount - stormstrike
110 Riftforger - Conjurer’s Staff, Bane Chant, Host Shadowbeast
*The Iron Boots Formation

While I don’t love the Unforged, I really needed unlocks and favored their nerve block over taking a second cyclops horde - plus they can actually use the formation’s WC(D3) :stuck_out_tongue: I also went a little heavier on the chaff, if you consider that the Ambarox can be tossed under the bus when needed, but I tend to play with more units when possible these days.

I’ve actually been really impressed at the depth of what I assumed would be a shallow list. It’s still a blunt weapon of an army, but with too many cool titans/monsters - it seems like a crime to leave out the Shrine here but I wanted laser bugs and the living blender that is the Stormslayer - and characters to fit in most armies and a surprising amount of variety, I’m more excited to see where people take the list than I expected.


FYI - the Shrine’s price is wrong in the physical book but correct in the pdf (190)

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