Riverguard treeleapers

Hi there,

Started working on a regiment of Treelepers. I already have 2 troops painted but a more dynamic unit was something I wanted to both build and play with.

Those are some amazing models. Metal so a bit more hard to work with but still worth getting.



Looks promising!



Just wonderful! I like the way they jump and Storm the obstacle. :heart_eyes:
Will you stay with the metal sticks or will you somehow replace them with transparent ones?

Great pose, really dynamic! Can’t wait to see em painted :slight_smile:

The idea is to keep them and paint black. They will not be very visible but will “project” models; movement when spotted. Black rods are somehow less visible than transparent ones and WAY more durable and flexible.

I did a more dynamic Thuul too and it add so much to the army. Those are speed 7 “jumpers”. I want it to be seen.


Thanks! I have mabe 3 more to add and I will star painting. Luckly those are super simple to paint. Skin and leather so it will take “a moment”. I think I will keep them green with maby some red underbellies?

But first I will paint the base.


The base. Tuffs and leaves are still not there (the last step) but the tree is done. Next step - painting 5 first line models.


That base looks brilliant! Maybe I steal some ideas here for my Sylvan Kin Treeleapers🤔.

Btw, I moved your thread to the Showcase category.

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Please steal it. TL are great underrated unit.

Water is almost dry. First line frogs (5) got their base coat too. I should start painting soon. Luckly those are only stripes and skin. Should finish it in a week or two. (I rebase my AD at the same time too…)

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What is there one can underrate? They are fighting frogs!

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170 for a regiment when Depth Horror horde cost 185 and thuul regiment cost 160.

True, but frogs!:frog:

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Oh for sure! I was flanking Dwarfs with them but had to re-deploy and the time I got into position it was turn 3 and the game was over :smiley:

Did You use riverguard or treeleapers? RG were great on 2.0…theu they were terrible. New profile is way more fregile than TL. Less Nerve, less armour. But 10/12 P1 attacks. Regiments cost less thst TL but Has US2…

I will use them for my Sylvan Kin. Atm, they are pieces of metal in a box.
I will use them as Treeleapers, since it’s the only possible choice for Sylvan Kin.

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Troops od regiments? I like both.

In my Sylvan Kin army they platoon with my dragon to chaff and get combo charges. They work okay as flying thick chaff as ensnare is pretty great.

Base looks super clean Misio! I’m looking forward to seeing your finished unit.

Two troops, also usable as a regiment.

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First 2 models are done. Not super happy with them but I hope overall effect will be more than just a sum of its elements.