Salamander Titans

With the removal of Agnih-Bhanu (forever may she reign), I’ve got a spot for a big bad that the Greater Fire Elemental fills pretty meh in. I’ve also run GFEs in the past, and never felt like they were any good. So I’ve been thinking about the titanic options, all of which seem ok to good:

Fire Drake = shooting platform capable of intercepting fast movers and possibly sniping heroes, can be serious flanker; no piercing or vicious limits impact of shooting, no pathfinder or strider makes 5+ to hit a grim reality

Ghekkotah Slasher = reliable melee damage dealer combined with swingy long-ranged shooting; non-flamebound requires dedicated inspiring source (for my flamebound army)

Phoenix = additional source of healing and fireballs (but not both at once), Me3+ but low attaks means it’s a flanker; big soft target makes it likely to be wavered often

I’ve got an Ankylodon to rebase, who will most often be a … Fire Drake I guess? Because it’s flamebound mostly. I don’t really want even more 12" Piercing (0) shooting, but the nimble is convincing me I can make him do work. But I’m really tempted by the Slasher’s Me 3+ and pathfinder, plus occasional sharpstick blasts. Phoenix will have to wait for me to get the Mantic mini and figure out how flyers work? Tho again, her Nv + De3+ seems like an ominous combo.

Anyway, curious what people’s experience with Slasher and Phoenix are, since they’re both in other armies. Change my mind about the GFE too, Nature players :sweat_smile:

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Purely on stats Slasher looks a good buy for 210 points. I’m thinking it would be a good support for AORs. I’ve red about people trying a couple as 2nd rankers for mutlicharge / chip shooting and with height 6 / 36" range its pretty hard to hide from them

I’ve been mostly doing Basileans since V3 came out and certainly there I’m currently preferring Samacris as opposed to the Phoenix as ht 6 makes it a bullet magnet. However I’ve got the model so once its painted it will feature!