Skirmishers KoW: Historical

From reading the rules for the above special rule, it say they are Individuals with a slight difference, which is basically how they aline to units.

I am right that they can’t claim objectives that Individuals can’t claim. I have been playing it that way with my Mongolian skirmisher horse archers. It does seem to be intentional as a way to balance them.

My reading has been that as skirmishers are nt individuals they could claim objectives. Not played KOWH in a little while but as I remember it Skirmishers were foot and were javelinmen - basically they are Psiloi. All other light types (inc cavalry) are just shooty units with low Me and De values. With no evade rules they are nt really skirmishers (small s).

So I think KOWH is fine bit does nt work for hit-and-run armies due to the lack of an evade rule

Hi, in historical all skirmishers are classed as individuals so they can’t carry loot or claim objectives. They also have 0 unit strength. Make it very hard to use against fantasy armies in 3rd edition!