The current Advanced Play Guide / forumfaq

Welcome to the Advanced Play Guide / forumfaq. The helpful rules supplement for rules which the RC have not deemed necessary to put into their own FAQ.

Here is some info:

  • Some of these have been answered by the RC but has not made it into the FAQ, and so keep appearing on Fanatics or other places.
  • Some have not been answered (as far as I can tell).
  • If these make it into the official FAQ, they will be removed from this list.
  • If the RC specifically instructs me to change any of them (change the ruling) then they will be changed and the evidence will be put in the proper evidence thread.

Q: Does a corner always count as both facings, so if my unit started its charge in the flank facing, but is only able to connect flush to the front facing (including the corner), does it count as a successful flank charge?
A: Yes
(pick up and place in the flank)
discussion thread

Q: Can I declare a new Charge (not speaking about Countercharge) while being engaged, even if I am not able to Withdraw first?
A: Yes
(most of the time this will be pointless, but often in subsequent rounds of melee after units have countercharged each other they have shuffled around slightly, and your unit’s leader point will often be in the flank facing of an enemy it was originally fighting in the front, suddenly enabling your unit to either countercharge and keep fighting in the front, or declare a new charge and go into the flank)
discussion thread (same as the previous)

Q: Can a disengaging unit ignore the one inch zone of any nearby enemies if it started its turn already closer to them than one inch?
A: No, it may only ignore the one inch zone of the single unit from which it is disengaging. The move must still end outside one inch of said unit.
(voted on by forum members, 76% majority)

Q: Can a unit do a Withdraw move if it ends up within one inch of any enemy?
A: No, not even if the enemy was already within one inch. (not going to bother with a discussion thread on this one, it was specified by members of the RC so I will trust it)

Q: If during a charge, my unit is unable to connect to the enemy by going straight ahead, how much/little do I pivot to line my unit up against the enemy, before continuing to move into contact?
A: Unresolved, answer from the RC pending.
in the meantime, you can see a video with suggestions in the discussion thread


Question about Disengaging and one inch zones updated to reflect the forum member vote! :slight_smile: