The Dark Gathers - Undead Rising

Thought I’d start up a couple logs on this nice shiny new forum for my KoW/Vanguard forces. First one up is the army of the Dark, my Undead force for Kings of War. I’ll let the pics and lore blurbs speak for themselves - I tend to get pretty ‘into’ the story and theme of an army and like to create background as I go. In time I’ll create logs for the Black Order (Northern Alliance) and the Legion (Romans).

Criticism and comments very welcome. As I can only start with one picture as I’m a new user, we’ll begin with the flavour text for Taranis, last king of Modgud. Thanks for looking :slight_smile:


And Taranis himself:




A fellow lore-geek! So far I am loving it, you’re sowing the seeds to the grander narrative in fairly simple ways, keeping the reader engaged. The paintjob is also excellent, but the lore really gets my interest

Lovely fantasy skellies, that’s a very solid horde with a lot of character going on, not just some shambling blob of bone and spears. Are these Mierce? I recognize the helmets on the command models, but have never looked into if they made skeleton infantry en masse.

Cheers, guys! Yes, they’re all Mierce. I really liked the aesthetic and caught them at a good price during one of Mierce’s intermittent sales.

As for the lore - can’t help it really, it’s at least 50% of why I got into the hobby. Creating your own story, world and characters is a big draw for me and the ‘tabula rasa’ KoW offers with its ‘open models’ policy really helped. :slight_smile:





I dig those green cloaked minis! What range are they from?

Great stuff! What do you use to create the pictures, background, and text? If it isn’t too difficult, I might just borrow the style (fitted for elves, of course).

I mostly use GIMP 2.0 and Photoshop Express (on my phone). Safe to say I’m still learning a lot about photo manipulation!

@VigoTheButch - they’re from Mierce Miniatures, specifically their Jutes line.


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And proving that I do sometimes use Mantic miniatures…


Your army and lore are amazing.

Make me want to redo my undead army.

How much of the army is complete, would love to see a group shot

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Thanks very much. This is nearly the whole lot so far, sadly. I’ve been preoccupied with my Black Order force (and some Romans snuck in there too). However, with 3rd ed around the corner and everyone kind of holding their breath to see what it’s like, I think it’s the right time to revisit the Dark and try to finish off this force. :slight_smile:


Are you using that zombie polar bear as a werewolf, zombie troll, or something else? I also have one floating around from their kickstarter that I should put to use at some point. Your whole force looks great!

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