The Dwarven Army of G'olem Uzbadu

Wenn es dem Esel zu wohl wird geht er auf’s Eis.
(German proverb: When the donkey feels too well, he walks onto the ice).

I finally decided to take the step and build a new army eventhough I was absolutely sure not to do that anymore. But then again, I always wanted to have a Dwarven army AND try a completely deviant concept of the smallest, cheapest, laziest to paint and self-built army possible. Now I wrapped my head around doing it…

Please welcome the new project (I am really hoping to finish it):
The Dwarven Army of G’olem Uzbadu consisting only of 33 miniatures of which only 3 are not self-built and non-drybrushed.

The idea is to stage an army of Earth Elementals led into battle by 3 Dwarven Spellcasters. The whole thing should stage a somehow creepy air of the uncouth - not the grumpy but sympathetic bearded buddies but rather the relams of the deeper Dwarven culture humans and other non-dwarves should not tread on.

The first ideas for the Elementals:

The thoughts on body proprtions:

The list:

I’ll keep you posted…