The Elven way: A Tale of Gaming updated 21/7/21 Game 8

List analysis:

Having had a few games with the Seaguard shooting list build I’ve been working on I’ve reached a point where I’m pretty happy with how it’s working. So I thought I’d give it some analysis.

Lightning Bolt, boomstick:
Lightning bolt, bane chant, inspiring talisman: 135pts

No brainier for any shooting list. I need to decide exactly how to use them but generally paired up with the seaguard and Drakons for a strong flank seems the best plan. They’re definitely flexible and can be split up so that’s good.

King: Shardblade, Blade of the Beast Slayer, Sabre-toothed hunting cats: 180pts.

I love this guy. Very expensive but very effective. My opponents hate him. Great odds of putting 4-5 wounds on a def 5 or 6 monsters. Great chance of getting 10 hits on individuals. He needs to be used right to maximise his effectiveness but he’s a prime target for my opponents now which can leave scoring units unscathed to go on and win the game. At this price and this utility i don’t want him doing blocking duty too often which make it important I use other elements like the Prince and the Silverbreeze to be set up to perform these roles for me.

Prince: Diadem of Dragonkind: 110pts

Not sure on this guy. I think blocking Prince is a good idea with the king not really wanting to do it. I’m not sure if using Diadem gets in the way of this. Mace of Crushing would certainly be a good improvement to his blocking abilities As he’s not reliably getting the critical wound without it. He’s got good use out of diadem so I definitely think he’s adding value as is. I think I need to try prioritising using him as a blocker piece with the Seaguard and Drakon flank and see if diadem still feels effective.

Another unit is also an option 20 points more buys another fast blocker in a Silverbreeze Troop or a forest guard troop is 105pts. I do like having him as another warmachine hunter threat, however, and he’s good at shielding the mages from individuals.

Army Standard Bearer: Lute of insatiable darkness: 85pts

This guy does what he’s supposed to do bane chant is a bit unreliable without the elite re-rolls anymore. My main thought is a foot king might just be a lot better. He can do blocking is more survivable and his damage is equal or better to bane chant and has a 360 degree charge. I’d need 15pts which means dropping piercing arrow (no problem) and duellist from the mounted King (Not keen to do this tbh as I’m vulnerable to individuals but I could) or diadem drops off the Prince to Mace of Crushing which also frees up points for extra items. Or I could drop bane chant for more reliable items on the Palace Guard units (maybe brutal and fury?, could even put a war bow on the ASB).

Seaguard: Chant of Hate: 290pts

These are a definite include with the way the list works but they’re no longer the centre piece. I need to improve my use of them accepting moving them needs to come before maximising shooting with them most of the time. Vicious is good but also expensive a cheaper option (like brutal or piercing arrow) or even another expensive one like nimble or crushing Strength 1 might be better use of points.

Palace Guard Regiments: 320pts

I’d love to a) have these guys with items and b) remember I have those items during the game (point b) would be helped in physical games where I have the unit cards). As it is they’re still a little lacking and are at risk of getting swapped out for a horde if I don’t need a 5th character unlock. As it is I quite like the flexibility and I’m getting better at using them effectively in recent games.

Drakon Horde: Strider (1): 290pts

They’re great. I could do with supporting them a bit better so they don’t end up with too many wounds before big combats and I need to keep inspire and bane chant available for them more frequently.

Stormwind Cavalry Regiment: Pathfinder: 235pts

As always the thought is “not as good as Drakons maybe I should just take Drakons”. They do a solid job but do make the “weak“ flank fairly expensive (>600pts) at the sane time they mean the weak flank can’t be ignored as having a cav unit through the woods into your flank hurts. I also think I can swap Silverbreeze and Stormwind about on either flank depending how other deployment goes.

Silverbreeze Troop: Piercing Arrow: 140pts

These guys are solid, I need to consider when to use for blocking more but they’re a good all round inclusion in the list. Piercing Arrow is a luxury item but a useful one.


I think the list is in a really good place. In 2nd ed I continually tweaked things not making things better or worse but just making them different. I feel I’m in the same spot here various good options to change things up but not really room to improve it in its current way of working. So I’ll probably play around with different versions but if I had to submit a tournament list today this would be the version I’d use.

I’m not sure what’s next I won’t play for a few weeks and have three different styles of list vying for my attention. If I had to guess I reckon my next reports may well include a Dragon.

Battle Report #7

2000pts vs Trident Realms: Loot

*although the game was played online I’d got my army out for a picture as I was doing some other bits with it so thought I’d take a shot for the report.

Narrative Intro:

King Eataine stood on the newly built watchtower the sea breeze buffeting his cloak. All around the tower his Kingdom’s. finest artisans laboured to establish the foundations for the first settlement that would in time grow into a full trading colony. Across the bay his keen elf eyes could pick out the formations of the Sea Creatures.

Moments ago his scouts had brought the news of the invaders approaching down the coast. Looking upwards Eataine praised Raloris that he’d brought allies with him on this expedition. In the sky above the Dragon Lord Vandruil and his brethren Drakon riders came into view. Meanwhile grateful for his aid in fighting the Abyssal invasion of Bel-Valdar King Paweldran had insisted that two Loremasters, Alenui the King’s brother and Eldroth the King’s Chief advisor would accompany the party. Eataine strode down the steps ready to join his assembling forces.

Game Intro and Lists:

This weeks game was against Jeff and his Trident Realms. I decided to bring out my Dragon list for something different.

Elf List:

Dragon Lord (Vandruil): Blade of Slashing: 320pts

Mage (Alenui): Inspiring Talisman, Bane Chant, Lightning Bolt: 135pts

Mage (Eldroth): Lightning Bolt, Boomstick: 125pts

King (Eataine): Horse, Lifeleech (1): 145pts

Drakon Horde: Fury: 290pts

Stormwind Regiment: Pathfinder: 235pts

Stormwind Regiment: Strider (1): 230pts

Seaguard Horde: Brutal: 270pts

Archer Regiment: 120pts

Silverbreeze Troop: 130pts

This list is the continuing evolution of the list I’ve mainly been using at tournaments in 3rd edition. Having been using the Seaguard recently I was interested to see how they would fare in this list so I dropped a Palace Guard horde to fit them in. It’s a fairly flexible list but only has 10 drops so I’d likely be outnumbered by almost any opponent.

Trident Realms list:

Depth Horror Eternal: Inspiring Talisman: 135pts

Depth Horror Eternal: 115pts

Depth Horror Eternal: 115pts

Gigas Horde: 205pts

Gigas Horde: 205pts

Gigas Horde: 205pts

Depth Horror Regiment: 110pts

Depth Horror Regiment: 110pts

Knucker: 150pts

Knucker: 150pts

Knucker: 150pts

Tidal Swarm: 70pts

Tidal Swarm: 70pts

Tidal Swarm: 70pts

Tidal Swarm: 70pts

Tidal Swarm: 70pts

Jeff’s list had changed a lot from previous games the defence 3 Thulls had been replaced by Gigas with defence 6 in the front. Backing them up was a solid mix of Depth Horrors and Knuckers. The odd element is 5 tidal swarms these are vulnerable (especially to shooting) but with ensnare, scout and nimble they’re great at screening and objective/scenario roles. This would be a tough list to crack.

Deployment and Scenario

The scenario was Loot, this feels like it plays into Jeff’s hands as he’s got lots of potential carriers and other units to block me with.

*Picture is after scout moves

I hadn’t used this list in a long time wasn’t sure how to approach things. I figured with Jeff outnumbering me 16-10 I’d best keep things simple with a fast element on either flank and the infantry central so that I could use my speed to reposition where needed. Jeff deployed in two blocks a small block on the right and a big one on the left.

I won the roll for first turn, I was unsure whether to take it but I figured if I didn’t Jeff may take up a very strong position around the tokens I couldn’t recover from.

Elf Turn 1

Seeing the unsupported Tidal swarm on the right the Dragon and Silverbreeze moved up to shoot it whilst the Cavalry slid over to cover a wider area. In the centre the infantry massed on the hill to given them good sight over the board. On the left my units shuffled a little bit as they were fairly happy in their positions.

Shooting started well on the right with the Tidal swarm engulfed in dragon’s breath. In the centre I had the choice of swarms who were in cover or defence 6 Gigas who were not. With no heal in Jeff’s list I decided a few wounds on the Gigas could prove crucial so opened up with everything at them. Sadly their thick shells were more than a match for the arrows and lightning bolts sent their way and they emerged unscathed.

Trident Turn 1

Jeff advances en masse on the left, numbers giving him the confidence to be aggressive. He was more circumspect on the right where he lacked a numerical advantage.

Elf Turn 2

In the centre the infantry positioned on the hill saw an opportunity to draw first blood on a Giga unit, along with the Stormwind the Seaguard and Archers stormed into the crab like creatures.

The Dragon seeing space in behind Jeff’s lines swept over the top of the wood and the Knucker. King Eataine decided to charge the Knucker in the pool seeing it as a good chance to get in behind the Trident Realm lines and begin causing damage to a key weapon in their arsenal. The remaining units shuffled ensuring the best vantage points to observe and strike from.

Fortune favoured the elves as shooting saw the two mages fry the Knucker despite little damage being done (double 6 on nerve).

Combat fared less well, expertly wielded swords, spears and lances pierced the weak points in the Giga’s shells but despite this the magic pendant wielded by the nearby Eternal glowed in a blue light filling the monsters with just enough courage not to flee the field (rolled a 3 on the second nerve roll needing a 4). King Eataine wounded the Knucker he was facing with two vicious cuts but the creature fought on.

Trident Turn 2

The Gigas having barely survived the assault from the hill withdrew and turned to face the Dragon (I now realise the Seaguard’s Phalanx would have removed the nimble used to do this) whilst a swarm sacrificed itself in a blocking move. On the right the Eternal and depth horror regiment advanced on to the objective and put pressure on the Elven Cavalry.

The Stormwind in the centre found themselves caught out of position after not breaking the Gigas and got engaged in the front and flank by Gigas. A Knucker fearing the same death by electrocution endured by his kin the previous turn charged the boomstick mage. The other Knucker decided to continue combat with King Eataine.

In combat the Gigas overwhelmed the proud Stormwind Knights enacting retribution for the damage done to their brethren. The Knuckers wounded the Elven Nobles they faced but not enough to concern them.

Elf Turn 3

The mages moved down off the hill away from danger. Alenui spotting a weak point on the side of the Giga’s shells aimed a lightning bolt injuring one grievously.

The Drakons took the opportunity of a flank charge on the mage hunting Knucker on the hill breaking it’s body in two such was the fury of their attack. In the centre the badly injured Gigas were still recovering themselves when an almighty Dragon fell among them scattering the survivors. The Seaguard flanked and destroyed a Tidal Swarm whilst the Archers fruitlessly engaged the Gigas.

On the right the Cavalry decided it was time to strike, both units charging the injured Depth Horror unit. Sadly rubber lance syndrome meant the Cavalry failed to break their foe and were now bogged down with the sea creatures and their Eternal.

Trident Turn 3

This would be a crucial turn on the right, if Jeff could waver or kill the Silverbreeze it would become very difficult for the elves to get that token or possibly even deny Jeff the token. The Eternal went into the Stormwind as the wavered Regiment used their fury to counter charge the Silverbreeze.

In the centre it was more a matter of entering a grind and seeing who came out on top. The Gigas and swarm in the wood charged the Drakons whilst the Giga’s in the middle charged the blocking archers. Not wanting to take any chances both the Eternal and the Swarm charged the Dragon to ground it. Finally the remain Knucker charged the king who’d run away from it last turn along with the swarms.

Combat saw the Drakons wavered by the Giga’s and swarm but the riders smiled smugly as they sipped from their newly acquired Chalice’s of Wrath. The archers took heavy damage but held the line unwilling to bring shame to their ancestors by fleeing. Combat Jeff thanked movement Jeff for doubling up on the Dragon as only 1 wound was caused. King Eataine surprisingly went down under a flurry of blows as the Knucker landed 6 wounds and the swarms several more.

On the crucial right flank the Eternal landed some damage but no waver on the Stormwind. The Depth Horrors lashed out at the Silverbreeze but their nimble hordes dodged left and right limiting the damage. Knowing how crucial the loot they held would be to their kind they faced down the beasts from the sea with a steely determination abandoning their spears they drew their swords ready to strike back.

Elf Turn 4

The Drakon riders put down their chalices to counter charge the Gigas. There wasn’t much movement with everything counter charging where it could. Shooting saw the Drakons swords glow with an amber light as Alenui blessed them and lighting landed a few wounds on the Knucker.

In combat the Drakons killed the Gigas taking advantage of their lack of inspire. A single Archer showing his skill with a sword was equal to that with a bow lanced his blade through the unprotected eye of a Giga in the centre. The Dragon’s claws raked against the Eternal but only surface damage was inflicted.

On the right the Elven Knights inflicted several wounds on the Eternal with their swords but to no avail. All eyes turned to the crucial combat on the right. One sword evaded the sea creatures parry but failed to pierce the Horror’s skin. All seemed lost but at the last moment an Elven scout weaved his blade past one of the monster’s defences and slashed a key artery killing it. The remaining sea creatures faced with such martial prowess lost heart and fled.

Trident Turn 4

With the right flank looking lost the Trident King’s forces redoubled their efforts in the centre. The Drakons were charged by both the remaining Gigas and Depth Horrors. Whilst the Knucker fresh from downing the King sought to finish off the battered Archers. The Dragon meanwhile was swamped by the Swarms and Eternal. On the right the Eternal continued its fight with the Stormwind.

The Drakons having already taken wounds from the first Giga charge decided to withdraw in the face of a combined assault. The Dragon suffered some damage from its enemies but continued undeterred. A Stormwind knight was killed by the Eternal but the unit held strong. The Archers despite taking grievous damage from the Knucker just managed to keep their nerve. A cold fury at the apparent killing of their King by the beast steeling their hearts (double 1 on the reroll).

Elf Turn 5

The archers holding was a huge boon. Taking full advantage they charged the Gigas to prevent nimble tricks being used to attack the Seaguard next turn. The Seaguard backed up to accommodate this whilst the Dragon charged the Eternal once more.

Shooting saw the injured Knucker wavered by lightning bolt and the Swarm go down to to the seaguard‘s bows. Strong combat rolls saw two Eternals die at the hands of the Dragon and Stormwind Cavalry.

Trident Turn 5

With limited options the Trident Realms finished off the Archer irritant and the swarm in the flank wavered the dragon preventing it from moving into the centre to support the Seaguard.

Elf Turn 6

The Seaguard deciding attack was the best form of defence charged the Gigas hoping to waver them ideally or if not kill them to reduce the attacks coming back at them.

Shooting killed off the Knucker whilst Alenui blessed the Seaguard’s Spears. In combat the Seaguard used their spears to good effect thrusting them into the weak points of the Giga’s shells. It was just enough to get the perfect result of a waver.

Trident Turn 6

Now limited to playing for a turn 7 Jeff took advantage of an open rear on the Dragon to help him encircle the Seaguard. The Dragon decided to flee rather than be subjected to anymore damage. A swarm that was able to reach the Seaguard landed a couple of wounds.

The only important dice roll for Jeff, however, was whether there would be a turn 7. It was not to be and the Elves carried the day!

Narrative ending:

King Eataine lay in his bed the Elven Healers having removed all signs of his wounds he would still need to rest for many days to recover his strength. Having been knocked unconscious by the great Sea Dragon, Eataine had not seen his forces drive off the watery host. Envoys would be sent to the Trident King in the hope this defeat would underline the futility in prolonged hostilities between the two people. Eataine doubted that would be the case the sea folk rarely showing such wisdom. Alenui and Eldroth were already overseeing the building of new fortifications to repel future attacks.

Conclusions and Jubilations:

There’s not a lot to say here to be honest we both played well and it’s hard to pick out many mistakes for either player. At most a few decisions were made that were fairly 50/50 with the other alternatives available.

The game came down to some key rolls, we both got some big rolls at times as the dice were very swingy but I got the ones in the critical places (namely Silverbreeze vs Depth Horrors and double 1 on the Archers). It nice to be on the right side of the dice for the first time in a while but even nicer not to have thrown the game away through silly mistakes!

List wise the Seaguard are good in this list but Palace Guard with staying Stone would probably be equally as good, they’re equal points so it’s an easy swap out either way. I’m definitely keeping fury on the Drakons as it’s a game changer. I feel like the rest of the list is spot on so doubt there will be many changes.


Battle Report #8

2000pts vs Forces of the Abyss: Push

Narrative Intro:

Vandruil sitting astride his mighty dragon Rhugar scanned the ground below. The mages Alenui and Eldroth had identified a disturbance in winds of magic. These same disruptions had been felt near their home in Bel-Valdar and had heralded an Abyssal invasion that had torn their homeland asunder. Only a great effort from an alliance of elven kingdoms had been able to drive the monsters back to their own dimension.

Vandruil had joined with the forces of King Eataine on the expedition inland to find and destroy the threat. A distant flicker on the ground, only visible at such a distance to keen elven eyes, caught his attention. Using his telepathic bond Vandruil urged Rhugar in the direction of the light.

Game Intro and Lists:

This weeks game was against Ben and his Abyssals. I decided to bring out my Dragon list once again but with a few tweaks on the minor items. Ben was practicing for the Kings Cup a knock out tournament held on Universal Battle. This round had a set map and scenario (push).

Elf List:

Dragon Lord (Vandruil): Lifeleech (1): 325pts
Mage (Alenui): Inspiring Talisman, Bane Chant, Lightning Bolt: 135pts
Mage (Eldroth): Lightning Bolt, Boomstick: 125pts
King (Eataine): Horse, Brutal: 145pts

Drakon Horde: Fury: 290pts
Stormwind Regiment: Pathfinder: 235pts
Stormwind Regiment: Strider (1): 230pts
Seaguard Horde: Fire Oil: 265pts
Archer Regiment: 120pts
Silverbreeze Troop: 130pts

Not much change from last time but I’ve been finding by the Dragon can get taken down or wavered over time through attrition so I moved lifeleech from the King on to the big guy. I quite liked the look of Fire Oil on the seaguard as it adds both piercing and crushing. The King then picked up brutal as I’d used this combo in 2nd ed and fancied running it out again in 3rd.

Forces of the Abyss List:

Ba’el: 265pts
Warlock: 90pts
Seductress: Mace of Crushing: 135pts

Mollochs Horde: Healing Brew: 230pts
Abyssal Horsemen Regiment: pathfinder: 260pts
Abyssal Fiend: 175pts
Abyssal Fiend: 175pts
Flamebearers Regiment: 155pts
Flamebearers Regiment: 155pts
Tortured Souls Regiment: 120pts
Tortured Souls Regiment: 120pts
Tortured Souls Regiment: 120pts

Ben’s list is unchanged he’s honed it into a lean mean fighting machine and I was keen to work out how to use the Dragon list against it (we had an unreported game with this match up and I wasn’t happy how I’d deployed/played it).

Deployment and Scenario

The scenario was Push it’s always an interesting scenario as it often brings out more extreme tactics as players often focus on one flank and the centre rather than a balanced deployment.

I chose sides and deployed first giving Ben 3 drops after I’d deployed my whole army. As such I largely deployed in a proactive manner as I couldn’t gain a lot of insight into Ben’s plans until I’d deployed nearly everything. I held back my archer regiment (my go to scenario mule) until last so I could place it on the most appealing flank. Otherwise I wanted to deploy fairly spread out, in Push I like to have substantial threats in all 3 sections (both flanks and the centre) so I can put pressure wherever the tokens are as this gives me more options to win rather than giving up any easy points to my opponent.

I deployed in 3 battle groups flyers on one flank cavalry on the other with shooting and infantry in the centre. Ben meanwhile had a different approach leaving the left abandoned. Instead he massed his troops almost entirely in one half of the board. This meant my flyers would have free reign to swing round and my Archers with the tokens should be fairly safe to advance giving me 4 easy game points. I won the roll for first turn and keen to get my flyers into a more aggressive position I took it.

Elf Turn 1

The flyers swing round while the rest of the army shuffled forwards. Shooting saw me start using the Seaguard to open up at the Warlock Ben was hoping would claim the central token. The Fire oil helped me cause a single wound off 5 hits as I rolled poorly to damage. Given that it would now take a very good roll from the mages to kill the Warlock I decided to instead try to build up damage on the Abyssal Fiend with the mages as it couldn’t regenerate.

Abyss Turn 1

Ben was hesitant in the centre with the Dragon staring down the flank of anything that would try and come down the board. The Warlock set out alone to pick up the token with the Seductress moving up to threaten the mages.

On the right Ben was patient avoiding moving into charge range of the two knight units with anything too valuable. Ba’el launched a lightning bolt at one unit of the Elven Cavalry injuring a couple.

Elf Turn 2

On the right the king charged the tortured souls to prevent them from charging the knights next turn. The knights meanwhile shuffled again hoping to delay the Abyssals from moving up aggressively. On the left the flyers and silverbreeze moved up to shoot the Fiend and get good lines of sight over the centre of the board.

In the centre the mages decided to take a risk and lightning bolt the Seductress rather than seek shelter behind the Seaguard. The Seaguard stayed still to maximise their shooting in case the mages didn’t need support from their bows in targeting the seductress.

The gamble paid off as the mages landed 8 damage on the seductress meaning the Seaguard could take careful aim at the Warlock inflicting 6 damage. The seductress was only wavered but the Warlock having only just picked up the loot died horribly as flaming arrows pierced its skin it‘s natural healing powers rendered worthless.

The Silverbreeze and Dragon could not match such heroics with only a single wound caused on the Abyssal Fiend. In combat the King struck left and right with his magical blade Sindarin each blow weakening the bonds holding the pitiful creatures to the mortal realm.

Abyss Turn 2

Ben retained a defensive position in the centre but moved up his shooters to return fire. On the right he moved more aggressively with Ba’el charging the cav in the wood and the Abyssal Fiend moving into charge range of the other knights.

Shooting saw some decent damage as both the Silverbreeze and the Dragon were scorched by the Flamebearers. In combat Ba’el managed 4 damage on the Stormwind despite being hampered by the tree branches. The Tortured souls meanwhile did just enough damage to the king to maximise their lifeleech.

Elf Turn 3

On the right I decided it was time to take action. The unengaged Stormwind chose the mighty Abyssal Fiend as their target as although tough to break getting substantial damage on him may prove crucial later in the game. It would also block him from charging the King who had gone into Ba’el along with the counter charging knights hoping again to build damage on him as he could also be crucial late game.

In the centre with no attractive charges the Dragon flew over the building to get behind the Abyssal lines. The Seaguard moved up towards the central objective whilst the mages positioned themselves to get a range of targets.

Shooting saw the Seductress fall to Alenui’s lightning bolt. Everything else webt into the injured Abyssal Fiend it was just as well as the Fiend very nearly clung on to life (I needed a 6 on nerve and rolled a 6 followed by another 6 :sweat_smile:). Combat was less successful but saw damage build up on Ba’el and the Fiend which may prove crucial down the line.

Abyss Turn 3

With the Cavalry now exposed Ben now set about punishing their impudence. The Fiend counter charged along with the Abyssal Horsemen. Ba’el charged once more into the cavalry in the wood. In the centre he turned to face the Dragon whilst a Tortured Soul charged the Seaguard.

Shooting saw the Silverbreeze break as the repeated attention of the Flamebearers proved too much. Whilst the Dragon took an extra wound from the other unit. In combat the Stormwind were easily routed by the combined might of The Fiend and the Horsemen. Ba’el meanwhile wavered the Stormwind in the wood preventing a potentially dangerous counter next turn.

Elf Turn 4

With only a few turns remaining the Elves needed to start landing some serious blows to the Abyssals forces or risk being overwhelmed. Priority one was the Mollochs with no inspire in range the Drakons took the risk and ploughed into the front of them. The Seaguard boosted by bane chant countered the Tortured Souls hoping to finish them off and take up a strong position in the centre of the board. The Dragon meanwhile flew over the Mollochs to threaten the right flank making Ben think twice about where to commit his troops for the final turns.

Shooting saw the Fiend take further damage but the beast remained unconcerned. In combat the Seaguard tripped over their spears so only did limited damage to the Tortured souls and the resulting nerve check fell one short of what was needed. The King returned to combat with the tortured souls but damage was limited by his journey through the wood. In the key combat the Drakons vanquished the Mollochs.

Abyss Turn 4

The Mollochs dying was a big loss for Ben. With the Dragon and Drakons both now facing his rear most of his movement was aimed at facing these threats. A mistake by the Drakons had left just enough room for the Flamebearers to charge into their flank and the other unit landed more wounds on the dragon. A double 6 on the nerve check raises Ben’s hopes of a waver but sadly for him he’d just managed to rout the Dragon who was then fine on the second roll.

In combat Ba’el finished off the Stormwind Cavalry at his third attempt. The Tortured Souls punished the Seaguard for failing to rout them last turn with a few more points of damage.

Elf Turn 5

With Ba’el now free from the Cavalry combat and facing the centre of the board the Seaguard were in a tricky position if they want to try and claim the token without risking a Flank charge from Ba’el. To avoid this issue King Eataine charged into the forest to disrupt Ba’el and the two mages positioned themselves to block any ground charge as they would no longer yield to Ba’el if he was disrupted.

The Dragon spying an open flank charged the Tortured Souls not holding the loot to put it in a good position next turn. Finally the Drakons countercharged charged the Flamebearers wanting to ensure the centre was secure.

Shooting saw Eldroth’s lightning bolt banish the second Abyssal Fiend. In combat the King clipped Ba’el’s Wings with Sindarin ensuring the Seaguard were safe. The Seaguard themselves then finished off the Tortured Souls and advanced towards the central loot counter. The Drakons and Dragon easily killed their targets meaning the game was now looking very tough for Ba’el and his Abyssals.

Abyss Turn 5

With limited options Ben offered up the token carrying Tortured Souls to the dragon in a position where he could then counter with Ba’el and the Abyssal Horsemen to reclaim the tokens.

Shooting saw a few extra wounds put on the Seaguard and in combat Ba’el just managed to waver the King preventing him blocking the Horsemen’s charge next turn.

Elf Turn 6

An interesting rule change for the Kings Cup tournament meant that if there was a winner at the end of turn 6 the game ends and only in the case of a draw would a 7th turn be played. As such I looked to grab all the tokens now as there was little Ben could do in his remaining turn to stop me winning.

The Seaguard moved up collecting the central loot token and turned to face Ba’el whilst the Dragon charged the Tortured Souls and the Drakons the remaining Flamebearer unit.

Shooting saw the Seaguard and the Mages target Ba’el hoping to waver him, however, much like with the Dragon a few turns earlier Ba’el was routed by a high initial roll but saved by a lower second roll. The Dragon and Drakons killed their foes meaning I held all 5 loot tokens.

Abyss Turn 6

Unable to prevent defeat Ben tried to make the score more respectable with the Abyssal Horsemen charging the Dragon and Ba’el taking out his frustrations on the King. Both were killed easily but a low advance roll for the Horsemen meant they could only get 1 point for each loot token. With the score at 5-2 to the Elves the special tournament rules kicked in and the game ended (we were using these as it was a practice game for Ben).

Narrative ending:

Alenui and Eldroth stood before the maelstrom of energy which served as a portal between the mortal realm and the Abyss. Having pushed back the Abyssal’s vanguard force the Elven Loremasters had the opportunity to close this gateway before more of the foul beasts could pollute the land. Precious crystals were laid out on the ground protecting the mages from the malevolent forces which reached out from the void. Slowly they began the task in front of them, manipulating the energy streams so they fell in on themselves dismantling the portal once and for all.

Conclusions and Jubilations:

This was a very interesting game from a tactical perspective in my opinion. The scenario and our contrasting approaches to deployment made for an interesting game with lots of repositioning as we each wrestled to gain the upper hand. A few key nerve rolls could easily have seen things shift dramatically as killing a single unit often created several opportunities.

I think a huge factor in the Elf victory was Ben deciding to leave the left of the board entirely open. This meant I could move up unhindered and had a dragon staring down the flank of anything he tried to move in the centre. A single Tortured Souls regiment on that flank could have dramatically reduced my options potentially slowing me down a buying crucial time for him to try and gain the upper hand.

I was quite happy with how I played in general but it’s harder to evaluate mistakes in a victory. Possibly I could have used my Knights better to delay Ben on the right for longer rather than giving Ba’el a charge into the woods that I couldn’t counter with a supporting charge from the other unit.

Anyway I hope you enjoyed the game and any comments or insights as always would be welcome.