The Elven way: A tale of Red Era inspired Hobby: Spare bases updated 20/03/23

That is an impressive unit, full model count metal minis make for one helluva horde!

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Thank you, they are plastic though from the 8th Ed WFB starter set. I’ve got a few metal heroes but I don’t want any metal units to deal as you say at full model count they’re very heavy!

Ah my bad but still an impressive sight at full model count :wink: It would have been very easy to do 21 and a shrine or something, so bravo to you.

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Yeah I like an army to feel like a real big mass of troops. Rank after rank just looks great imo.

So finally I’ve finished my Stormwind Cavalry so I can share it with you.

The Knights of Bel-Valdar

As the riches have poured into Tor Bel-Valdar nobles mindful of their first duty have spent great fortunes have been spent bringing horses of the finest lineage and bloodline to the city. This is not for sport and competition (although there is much of this) but to provide the city with peerless cavalry mounts on the battlefield.

Mounted on the finest of steeds the nobles and their kin form the Knights of Bel-Valdar. In battle private and business feuds are set aside (for the time being) as nobles from rival houses fight side by side in the army’s vanguard. Do not be deceived, however, as the game has simply changed as each noble seeks out honour on the battlefield to raise their house’s station within the city.


How do the size of those AOS minis compare to older gw elves or even mantic elves? Those are probably my favorate sculpt of the newer minis. Granted i like the mantic stormwind cavalry a lot, but im really curious how those cavalry match up size wise

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Paul those Stormwind look fantastic! Super clean scheme and major props on the full model count. Im using Slaves to Darkness knights as Soul Reaver Cav and getting 5 models on the regiment base is a little squishy.

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They’re a bit bigger than the Plastic Ellyrion Reavers but not too much so. In Comparison the AoS ones are like full war horses and The reavers look like smaller more normal horses.

I’ve got my king on a chariot horses that is a bit smaller and that does make it look like a pony (I’ve added a platform on the base to make it taller to compensate)… So Mantic would probably be similar. I think mixing mantic And these Aos Guys would look weird they’d be a large difference I’d imagine.

Thanks I’m not going to pretend these guys are going to be playable in combats With a lot of stuff. I’ll need a proxy base.

5 would fill up the base alone lance to tail

I decided to reward myself with one of my favourite ever models I’ve painted this guy so many times over the years and he’s probably one of the main reasons I was attracted to Elves in the first place.

Alenui (Mage)

2nd Son of Varlil naturally a scholar Alenui never showed the martial aptitude of his elder and younger brothers. Despite this he has never shied away from conflict in defence of Bel-Valdar and it’s citizens. As such he is much beloved by the city’s defenders his presence alone enough to provoke renewed determination in the face of many dangers.

Alenui’s gift of scholarship made him a natural at exploring the mysteries of wizardry under the tutelage of Eldroth. Now a powerful magician in his own right his impact on the battlefield extends far beyond his leadership.


Champion for my Silverbreeze


Really enjoying just how bright and vivid the colors are.


Thank you it took some time to get it sorted but I’m happy I’m getting the desired result.

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A little group shot of my progress so far


Looks excellent. Really liking the overall color scheme

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Thank you glad you like it

Silverbreeze Troop


Finished off my 1st Forest Guard troop. I tried to use the classic 5th Ed Wood Elf Archer scheme as inspiration.

Rangers of Bel-Valdar (Forest Guard)

To the north of Tor Bel-Valdar stretch vast forests into the mountains and beyond. As well as providing wild game for the King’s table the forest is a source of danger. Roaming bands be they men, goblins or other foul creatures look with envy on the city’s riches. Deeper into the forest reside wild mythical beasts a threat only the most daring hunters would seek out.

For generations the Rangers of Bel-Valdar have scoured the woods for beast and foe alike. Wielding double handed axes that can cut through the neck of a mountain lion or a breast plate of armour with equal ease, they present a fearful sight in battle.


With the Forest Guard that’s completed my first 1000pts of the army project.


The army childhood me dreamed of. It is fabulous!

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