The January Joy of Painting - Painting Topic

After a short hiatus over the holidays I took up the brush again and continued work on this guy, who is getting closer and closer to completion :slight_smile:

Not much left to do, just some smaller details to work on and some more highlighting/blending, especially on the green parts. Should fit in nicely with the Forest Shamblers I’ve already got, with those colors :slight_smile:


very nice @Mikes



Two dwarf cannon completed:

Not sure about this kit to be honest. One of the miniatures kept reminding me of “Ram Man” from the He-Man cartoon.

Also this little guy. Don’t even know what I could run him as but he was super fun to paint.

Keep the updates coming everyone. Great inspiration as always.


Just a few bits here and there. I painted 2 custom heroes for dungeon saga (Girl versions of Orlaf and Rhordin) for my two little girls to play. (Alongside goblin # 14 and 15 for my rabble horde, I’ll get there… eventually)

Finally, there’s been some progress in the knight department, sitting at 3/7 for my next regiment.

Edit: full blog post here


Did lots of work on small details like vines, flowers and nuts :sweat_smile: and some more highlighting and finally am calling him"done". Glad I finished him on the weekend as well; work is gonna be crazy next week! Just varnishing and base work left, but may have to wait till next weekend … still, happy I got the actual painting done :slight_smile:


Morax Mansplitter for the orc half of my orc/RFO project.

Regiment of Order of the Thorn for OotGL


Got some Forest Guard for my Sylvan kin formation painted up today.
Also the first of my kitbashed (slightly) Soul reaver cav!


Finally finished my Naiad Centurion:

Painted this guy Fall 2020 but he went unbased until last night. Sculpt by AMINI3D :crab:


Painted up this old metal dark emissary for use as a gladewalker druid in my planned forces of nature army

I loved this mini when it first came out and I’m happy I finally painted it almost 2 decades later!


that is a sweet model @MechaSturgeon


Great base and posing.

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Added 2 Depth Horror Eternals to my army and started re-basing my Abyssal Dwarfs.


Finally finished varnishing the last bits of the Treeherder (still waiting for it to properly dry) … and fooled around with some of the models that I had laying around for ages and may finally have found my next Mage. :slight_smile:

I’ve really been looking hard for another mage to add to my Elf army, but have been frustrated with size and style differences with the models I’ve already got painted. All the non Mantic mages I ve looked at are way too large compared to mine and/or got weird/too large heads etc. … and the Mantic Elf mages that I haven’t painted … well … I’m sure you’ve seen the atrocious Mage queen Model with the horrible head …

… so I thought: “Why not cut off the head!” :astonished: :sweat_smile:

Here’ s what I came up with: Mage Queen Half Elf Head kitbash. :wink:

If I like how she turns out when painted up (can really only tell when I see the finished model, especially with painted face, next to the ones I’ve got already.) I may have found another mage and a decent model for Nimue Waydancer as well maybe (yeah the pose and clothing don’t really fit, but still it’s a fully mantic female Elf mage that doesn’t look like "ugh! Run away!!!)… finally :slight_smile:


Amazing results with the head transplant!


Monarch for KoM


That’s beautiful. Love the subtle colors.

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Tree Herder finally all done and based. Some minor touchups, toned some things down a bit, did the rest of the varnishing and made him a proper base.

That model fits in great with the Mantic Shamblers, as it has a lot of similar details like the mushrooms and moss coverings.

Scraping together everything I have painted, I can field 2300 points fully painted now (and without using 20 year + old GW models like at the last tournament :sweat_smile: ) , but still gotta finish the last 2 Drakons to get the horde up to full model count and got some character models lined up to give me some more list building options as well :slight_smile:

Eventually I might paint a Mantic Herder and Dragon too, to have a full Mantic army option. Or just paint more units! :wink: