The Relentless Hunt - Herd Army showcase

I wanted to share with you mi mostly finished my Herd Army for Kings of War (well for a while, soon or later I will add the new Clash of Kings choices). It’s a beast themed army, so I’ve excluded all verdants & Stone Golems from the showcase (and indeed from my lists).

Here you have:

Great Chieftain

Great Chieftain in minotaur chariot

Avathar of the father

Lycan Alpha / Moonfang

Centaur Chief


Mounted Druid

Spirit Walkers


Harpies (A)

Harpies (B)



Lycans (A)

Lycans (B)


Minotaur Chariots

Beast of Nature

As y ou can see they battle in autum, but I think the bases are still too empty. What do you think about the basing? I don’t know what else I could add. Any thought will be welcome :slight_smile:


Great looking army, love all the Mierce :black_heart:

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That looks splendid!
Bases looks great to me, units don’t have to look like a terrain piece.

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If you are looking for a bit of variety, I’d go with a few tufts and maybe some preserved mosses. The tufts can give you a bit more colour and height variation in areas that you feel are a bit boring.
Ive been using some preserved moss and lichen for scrubby shrubbery and i really like the scale and structure of the branches.

That being said, your bases look great. We’re always the hardest on ourselves!

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I really like the leaves and think there is a good amount on the bases with the exception of the centaur chief. Also, the tiny pink flowers on the dry stalks are a nice touch, well done.

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Loving those units, fabulous. The Avatar homage to Big Bird is awesome and those Minotaur Chariots are dead cool

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Outstanding work! Loving the variety and seeing units from different companies.


thanks for the suggestion! I will look for some extra tufts/ moss.

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