Totally not Dreadfleet

Ok, maybe it is Dreadfleet. If those ships don’t belong here in the mods opinion, feel free to remove my post.
Otherwise, I will post most of my latest piece of work, which I did for a friend. Long story short, I painted his Dreadfleet game:
I will post the minis in the same order I painted them, starting with

The Seadrake

I stick to the “original” paint scheme as close as I could, because I would’ve been totally overchallenged with finding new schemes - The original ones are pretty cool, so there was no need anyway :slight_smile:


Looks great!

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Amazing work. Such a cool piece.

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Thanks guys! I’m very happy with the results. And I must admit, it was a $hitton of work which was driving me insane when it came to finish another ship :smiley:

Here’s the next one I finished:

Grimnir’s Thunder

The light is not best here, sorry for the quality :grimacing:


Love the ship. Makes me anticipate elven fleets in armada all the more!

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The next ship I started after the dwarfen swimming steel chunk, is one of two main protagonists of the campaign. It was partly the easiest one, and partly it was pretty hard to no to “accidentally” break it :grimacing:



Stunning. This sort of thing is drawing me into naval games.

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Thank you! I personally have painted enough ships for one lifetime now, but I’m very happy with the result and my friend’s reaction to the whole thing :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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Next one! This Ship alone has a nice look, but the “mechanic” with the elementals is what makes it special, obviously. I’m not sooo happy with how the fire elemental turned out, but it’s ok enough. The sails were two of the hardest in the whole game, because the transitions of colours are the strongest here. All in all I like the ship for the mix of simplicity and that special touch with the fire and air guys :slight_smile:

The Flaming Scimitar


Coming to the Sworrrrdfish. That one had a few moments which were frustrating. Some of those railing teeth things broke off, as well as the poleof the front ram bow sail thing. I replaced it with a fitting bit, but was silently angry over the filigree parts of those tiny ships. Anyway, they’re all finished now, and I can keep them coming.

The Swordfish


Classic ghost ship vibes incoming :ghost:
The Shadewraith was obviously the easiest ship to paint. Quick and dirty works in many cases, regarding ghostly and ethereal stuff.


So in love with your ships!

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Thank you my friend :slightly_smiling_face:

Next one in the lines of evil sea force:
The curse of Zandri is somehow a little bit unspectacularly in comparison to the other, physically completely logical ships… but it was smooth and quickly painted and I like it :slight_smile:


And still there are ships…
The Black Kraken, which looks pretty cool in most cases, but was indeed tricky to paint to match my own expectations. I’m not completely happy with the “eyes”, but I’m experienced enough with myself to let it stand as it is :sweat_smile:


One of the best ship ideas in the whole game, Skabrus is just fun to look at. I mean we all love storys about deep sea monsters, and here it is. Given the scale of the giant other ships, this fish is simply huge enough to swallow support units in a single take. And it’s dead, stripped and controlled by undead, warp-lightning-firing skaven xD enough story for two ships :smiley:



Absolutely disgusting. That is meant as a compliment in this case of course.

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Yes, the oozy water trailing behind the ship is just perfect.

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Thank you guys :purple_heart: it has been fun to paint that… thing, I always love me some flesh/machine hybrid monsters :slight_smile:


Last big one incoming - The physically most logic ship ever created, there’s zero reason why this aerodynamic, nimble piece of craftsmanship would not sink instantly :face_with_monocle:

While it’s obviously the eye-catching centerpiece of Dreadfleet, GW just wanted too much here in my opinion. It looks pretty cool at first sight, but on one point, you start wondering if it would’ve not been better to spare the island parts and go for another, more nautic look. But that’s only my opinion, so here’s Count Noctilus’ Bloody Reaver

I’m finished with the main ships now, there are some things left which I I will post the next days :v: