Trident Realms bases with resin

Hello here’s some pictures of my Trident Realms Army. Have got some more Done and will try and get Nice whole Army shot later. Have pretty much finished this Army now and going onto do goblins next.

Being a KoW forum I think you will be able to work out what these are :slight_smile:

(I am a new user so you only get one image for now :hushed:)

A bit of WiP


Yes the forum has some limitations for new users, but Im sure you can post more photos as Replies to your own thread :smiley: :+1::crossed_fingers:

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Well here is one more picture of a finished unit with resin water effect multi base for now.


Look at that. Turned out great!

Welcome, bases look great.

Got myself a new mat for my trident realm themed scenery. So took some new photos including my newly painted sharkosaurus which I’m using as a Knucker.


Nice collection of monsters in particular!