Twilight kin and allies

Good day

I have been playing Trident realms for quite some time, and have an undead army, but I am looking to branch out.
Well to be honest, wasn’t really looking to branch out, but then I saw these elves:

Suffice to say, I am backing it to start a pretty modest Twilight kin force.
Just a side note, was thinking of writing some lore for them as the Dawn-Kin.

Anyway, I have not played with or against Twilight Kin, so was wondering what advice you guys might have?

Looking at them, my main concern is sustain. Most of their units seem quite squishy. So I was considering what would be good allies for them? I was thinking of maybe taking a naiad ensnarer horde and maybe something else, just to serve as an anvil, it feels like that would fill quite a hole in the Kin list.

Most kin lists you tend to see heavily feature chariots and dragons, with most infantry being xbowmen.

Ensnarer hordes are great - but you need to use them as a solid centre to an army (or blocking off a flank) - which might not fit with the rest if the kin list you are running?

I’d be inclined to wait for v3 and the second army book before really sorting an army. Chariots are changing formations, infantry across the board is getting a buff.

Yeah the smart move would be to simply wait for 3rd ed.

Just looking for some discourse to get the ball rolling in my head