Twilight Kin - Newbie list

So I’ve made a Twilight Kin listed based on some miniatures I’ve painted. I have 95 points left over and not sure the best way to spend it.
I have a couple characters I could add in, or swap the sorceress for the unnamed version otherwise I would rather keep the units I have and spend it on magic items or spells.

I’m hoping I could get some advice on what are the best items for the units I have.

Here is my list

Impalers (Infantry) Regiment (20) [165]
Twilight Gladestalkers (Infantry) Troop (10) [140]
Blade Dancer Neophytes (Infantry) Regiment (20) [120]
Blade Dancer Neophytes (Infantry) Regiment (20) [120]
Cronebound Gargoyles* (Heavy Infantry) Troop (10) [85]
La’theal Bleakheart [1] (Hero (Infantry)) 1 [165]
Cronebound Archfiend (Hero (Titan)) 1 [305]
Cronebound Archfiend (Hero (Titan)) 1 [305]


Can we add new units? If yes, I’d say:

  • Gargoyle Troop #2
  • Staying Stone on Impalers
  • Fire Oil on Gladestalkers

You could use those 10 points instead for Mead / Pipes / Orb on the Impalers, or maybe Skirmisher Boots / Orb on the Gladestalkers? My goal was to give the Impalers a little more survivability and the Gladestalkers a little more damage.

Another option if you’re painting more dudes is to expand the Gladestalkers to a regiment, which is just a great unit in every way currently. This gives 50 points which could be frittered away on upgrades (see below) or you could downgrade La’theal to get the points for a Bolt Thrower or a cheap fighty character. La’theal is pretty fantastic tho.

If you’re only adding items to the list above, well then let’s spend some points:

Twilight Kin [1500]

Impalers (Infantry) Regiment (20) [200]
– Brew of Sharpness [35]
Twilight Gladestalkers (Infantry) Troop (10) [160]
– Chant of Hate [20]
Blade Dancer Neophytes (Infantry) Regiment (20) [130]
– Orb of Towering Presence [10]
Blade Dancer Neophytes (Infantry) Regiment (20) [120]
Cronebound Gargoyles* (Heavy Infantry) Troop (10) [115]
– Diadem of Dragonkind [30]
La’theal Bleakheart [1] (Hero (Infantry)) 1 [165]
Cronebound Archfiend (Hero (Titan)) 1 [305]
Cronebound Archfiend (Hero (Titan)) 1 [305]

Impalers are your infantry hammer, now they hit everything harder. Gladestalkers are your only shooting, now they shoot harder. La’theal has a buff for damaging spells, now the Gargoyles add even more fireball to the party. And your Neophytes are scenario pieces, now one of them scenarios harder.

You could arguably add stuff to the Archfiends instead, as they’ll be lifting quite a bit in this list, but I wanted them to be the same, plus they cost a lot already. Giving one Mead is a concept, as it’ll be able to aggro other Sp 10 flyers.

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Thank you so much! Im still leaning what everything is good at and to be used for

I have more miniatures that I could add for harpies, Gladestalkers or bolt thrower but for right now I only want to field what I have painted. Id call myself a hobbyist first so really dont like putting unfisnhed work the table. Id rather look good and loose :sunglasses:

But I will add those to the top of my painting list

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I can respect that. More Gargoyles and Gladestalkers will always serve you well, and Bolt Throwers are so cheap they’re worth messing around with, plus are classic elf war engines.

Good luck!

Don’t get too attached to the list you have.

The Twilight Kin list will be getting revamped soon, along with imminent model realeases.

I collected the tidbits here: