Undead army wreckage army for Masters

I’m sure the forum saw the Facebook posts on the Masters event.

I’ve for sure laid down a few projects from the last 6 months yesterday and today. Why not add another.

The army is on a rotating base showing all the angles. The ship is LED lit from the inside. Can’t post the video.

Presentation is, this is the final home of the warriors onboard a desert stranded pirate ship. They are long dead, stranded by a barren wasteland. Pushing the ship across the sand hoping to find ocean seas once again. Not exactly sure how they are going to use the wreckage, but if you zoom in you can see the skeletons pushing the back half of the ship.


That’s spectacular!

I figure that they’ll either get a ghostly front half of the ship or just keep pushing it along the bottom of the sea.

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What an amazing project Mike! Great concept, great execution.


Thanks for the kind words.

Absolutely. I debated doing the other half of the ship. I just thought it was funny they only left with half a ship. Size was an issue with shipping it all to Texas. Delicate balance between presentation and expenses. ‘Would I really have a better paint score with the whole ship?’ Is it worth the extra money for carry on… ETC? And even with all this, it still was very average across the board of armies. Lots of tough competition and fantastic armies at this event. Truly a pleasure.

I thought the rotating base was a fun little presentation that encouraged onlookers to see the whole army rotating. Too bad I can’t post it here.


Thats a spectacular army and display base mate!

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Thanks. It was a really fun project. And good to play Undead. I took quite a beating with them vs. some of the top players of the US, but I deeply enjoyed them.

Undead are just classic, every player should have an undead army