Using GW Stormcasts & Undead models

I am considering picking up a copy of your new Kings of War 3rd Edition rule book. I have a couple of questions for anyone in the know. I have some GW (Age of Sigmar) miniatures that I would like to use with KoW. I have some Stormcast (Sequitors, Castigators Gryph-Hound, Knight Incantor) and some Undead (Glaivewraith Stalkers, Myrmourn Banshees). Would I be able to use these models for KoW? If so, what armies would they belong to? Any info on this would be most helpful. Thanks!

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“In the know” or “in the KoW”? :slight_smile:

without kidding: games workshop models make the transition to KoW well.
Stormcast are the Age of Sigmar “space marines” and have been known to be used as basileans.
The Age of Sigmar undead make good undead in KoW too. The banshees make good wraiths, while the stalkers don’t have a direct KoW counterpart but they can be integrated in many undead regiments.

Alternatively, the stalkers/banshees can be the start of a great nightstalker force as spectres and phantoms respectively.

By all means, get the KoW rulebook and start playing this great game!


Thanks for the info and quick reply. Much appreciated. I think I’m going to pop out now and get a copy of the book. Thanks!

I also know of several Ogre armies made entirely of Stormcast minis :wink:

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Size wise stormcast fit ogres very well, as they tower over normal human and elf type figures. And their variety fits ogres well too. You have basic warrior types with and without big shields, you have ranged ones carrying what are basically light ballistas, and the ones mounted on the various beasts would fit well as chariot analogs.

This guy’s army showroom thread illustrates what you can do pretty well.


Like others have said Stormcasts are much bigger than lots of other companies humans. Personally I’ve used some as ogre palace guard for Basileans and as some of the heroic flying units. So Basilean if you bend the law a big would work from an aesthetic point of view

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That’s a great post, thanks for the info. Oh, and I grabbed a copy of the rules earlier. Reading them now. Looking forward to getting stuck in.

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There is also a unique Undead character - Jarvis - that changes his army’s alignment to good with The Noble Dead rule. So you could ally in Basileans.

You can’t take unique characters as allies, so you would have to run undead as the main force (75% of the points)

I’ve also seen stormcast with some mild conversions used as undead wights, and I think it’s a great fit. Your undead would be perfectly good wraiths, and you can make a very solid core to an army out if wraiths and wights - the wraiths are very tough for their cost, and the wights hit extremely hard, so you’ve got a classic hammer and anvil, with the added benefit of fly and surge tricks!

Edit: here’s what I was talking about

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This is a great idea. Thanks

You could probably achieve a similar effect by painting them ghostly, which also happens to be a classic way to get a nice looking unit really quickly: search “ghostly stormcast” for some great inspiration.

I used some glaivewraith stalkers in my wraith regiment. The other models in this regiment are GW also.
Here is a link to my thread:

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