Varangur: Bringing a Shotgun to a Knife Fight

I’ve had a Varangur project ratting around in the back of my head for a few months now, and I’m starting to firm up the playstyle. I really want two giants for hobby’s sake, so I figure: if I’m stuck with Frost Giants, why not lean into the shooting? Turns out Night Raiders are really efficient short-ranged damage output, and I’ve been really impressed with the way Throwing Mastiffs help slow Dwarfs control engagements, so maybe I could do something similar to deliver Huscarls.

Shotgun Varangur
Draugr (Regiment) 75
Draugr (Regiment) 75
Night Raiders (Regiment) 140
Night Raiders (Regiment) 140
Night Raiders (Regiment) 140
Huscarls (Regiment) 225
-Sir Jesse’s Boots of Striding 15
Huscarls (Regiment) 225
Chant of Hate 20
Magus Conclave 100
Jabberwock 165
-Gain the ranged attack - Rancid Bile: 12", Ra: 4+, Vicious (Ranged), Steady Aim 15
Frost Giant 230
Frost Giant 230
Magus 90
-Inspiring Talisman 20
-Replace Lightning Bolt (4) with Bloodboil [1] 0
-Drain Life (6) 30
Lord on Frostfang 190
-Blade of Slashing 5
-Snow Fox 10
Kruufnir [1] 160

Total Unit Strength: 21
Total Units: 14
Target Points: 2300
Core (Target%): 2300 (100%)

I’m definitely not set on the details: other versions have had a foot Lord with Aura, I’m really not convinced the Conclave is worth 100pts, and I’d love to get some Foxes in there, but this is the basic structure of what I’m looking at. The idea is to advance aggressively with the Giants and Night Raiders, and deal as much damage with their shooting as possible, then counterstrike with Huscarls when they inevitably die. The Lord on Frostfang, Jabberwock, and Kruufnir are my troubleshooters, though I think I’m still pretty weak to flank pressure - a dragon lurking around the edge of the board will force me to play quite conservatively.

What changes would you make? I’ve love to squeeze another unit in the list, 14 drops feels low for how disposable most of it is, but I guess that’s what you get when you insist on taking two giants!


Got a test game in with this list. My dice were quite hot so it wasn’t a very meaningful test, but I was pleased with the way things felt!

  • The Draugr did a fine job of blocking and dying, just what they’re there for
  • Night Raiders seem very good! Great damage from the throwing axes, and a constant flank threat. They’re dangerous enough that they can’t be left alone, and cheap enough that they’re not that rewarding to kill! Love 'em, trying to see if I can fit more in.
  • Huscarls are slow, but deal great damage and are just tough enough to brawl a little. Definitely a second-line unit.
  • The Magus Conclave did fine, killed a gladestalker troop over two turns and then pretty much missed the rest o the game. Probably better taken in pairs. Nimble Steady Aim is pretty nice!
  • The Jabberwock soaked up a ton of shooting and died, but it did so because its speed let it threaten the soft shooting units. It’s probably good, but it didn’t really get an opportunity this game, lol
  • Frost Giants seem fine, Icy Breath 8 is pretty weak shooting but it all adds up, and they do hit decently hard in melee.
  • I played the Magus really poorly. I only got one Transfuse off all game, and even worse, only one spell cast! The Drain Life WAS very good, but I did not handle the short range well. I think it’s a pretty good piece, but maybe I’ll think about replacing it.
  • Lord on Frostfang decided to duel a bolt thrower and lost, wavered one turn and routed the next. Pretty sure this is a piloting problem.
  • Kruufnir was pretty neat, held up some Ice Elementals for a couple turns, Very Inspiring is nice, and Draugr got Duelist and wavered an individual with it! I even forgot about regeneration! Overall I think he’s a bit of a luxury at 160, but if you really want the Very Inspiring like I do then he’s a pretty good package imo

The list pretty much did what I wanted it to. The hitting power of the Night Raiders felt great, makes me feel like leaning even more into the shooting element. Not quite sure what version I’ll try next, maybe get a second Magus Conclave, maybe fit some foxes in, maybe do the Lord on Foot with Brutal Aura.

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