Varangur Human Clansmen

Hi all,

I was reading the changes for Varangur to Clash of Kings 2022, and I was wondering if the new version of Human Clansmen in Northern Alliance carries over to Varangur, and whether their new upgrade options (ie Norj-Bik Clansmen/weapon changes) also carry over?

I am guessing yes, as there is not a separate card for Varangur Human Clansmen, but I thought I’d check.



p.s. I tried to be as obscure as possible as I didn’t want to reveal any rules to those who were yet to buy the book.

Yes, master list changes carry over to the theme list, but new units and formations do not.

Therefore, your “Varangur Human Clansmen” get the points change and the upgrade options and you also get the changes to the Lord, the Lord on Chimera, the Pack Hunters and the Frost Giant. However, you may not take Serakina or Orlaf’s Barbarians.

EDIT: Correction: You don’t get the pack hunter change because Varangur have night raiders instead. Sorry, I remembered that wrongly.


Yep - changes to units in the Master list carry over to the Theme list unless otherwise stated (mainly with regards to things like Regular/Irregular - which can often differ).

It was also clarified that the clansmen options are “may have one of the following” - so de3 & cs2, de4 & cs1 or (for additional cost) de5 & cs1. Gives plenty of flexibility and with Bloodbound and Barbarian keywords there is more synergy in the list

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