Varangur newbie


Welcome @TheEssex!

I am a WHFB Refugee as well. Tried Empire early as 8th launched, but found I really liked Chaos Warriors after a few months and played them through the End Times and a bit beyond before really clicking with Kings of War. Lots of good ideas and advice here so far for picking up the Varangur.

For more casual play, I have a thread in the Battle Reports section of the forum here you might be interested in. It has links from my blog and my own games, and I have about a half dozen games in with the Varangur so far. (You can also just visit the blog’s Battle Report page to see the match-ups and such and easily find the games you’d be interested in, but the forum here is where I have tried to stir up more conversation, so it can be worth looking at too.) I am not a great list tweaker, nor a tournament-player, so I am trying to run new things with each game. You should hopefully find some good (and not so good) ideas there for how you may want to run things for your Varangur.

For tournament lists, the Varangur Group on Facebook is probably your best bet? They get excited about stuff like that, and the more general Fanatics group should have links to tournaments as well. Once you find an event you can often drill down using the Mantic Companion to see lists and such, which is a really neat function.