Voidwalkers in October (TK 2.0)


Two models shown:


looks like Twiglets against Abyssal dwarfs as a new two player starter as well.


Guess the Twilight Kin didn’t appreciate their spies getting blown up by the Abyssal Dwarves during their little ‘alliance’ to get past the sea defenses of the Golden Horn.
(in case anybody is wondering I’m referring to the two part short story that got released to promote the Abyssal Dwarves fleet for Armada.)
Either way I better get cracking on the old backlog before they show up this October.


they deserved what they got.

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The void dragon is cool, but I wonder why not a void lurker?
Elf on a soulflayer mount is just awesome.

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I’m wondering if it’s a non-hero flying titan? That’s quite a rare entry in the game and I have to assume the void lurker is in given how Mantic cross promotes models. Six stealthy De 4+ dragons is obviously a gnarly prospect but the six EOD dragon list isn’t exactly lighting the world on fire, and that one can surge into your butt.

EDIT: Seven EOD dragon list :person_facepalming:

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he’s not awesome, he’s mister unkillable Mikayal.

He’s a sod, but thankfully he’ll be my sod.

What are the chances that he’s still Def 7, good I hope :stuck_out_tongue:

You forgot hits on 2+ and could auto-kill units!

Two headed flappy thing looks, based on the Armada flyer, to be a gordrake?


Yes, I think so too.
That’s been planned fo a while then.

Does that mean new TK get gargoyles too though?

The Armada model and the thumbnail from the video let me think so