What Kings of War Armies do you play at 100% based & painted

I have enough old warhammer pieces to field the following armies fully painted with some basing adjustments:
Dwarves ( Dwarfs )
BrotherMark ( Bretonnians )
Ratkin ( Skaven )
Kingdoms of Men ( Tilean Mercenaries & miscellanies ).


i’ve never quite understood the concept of buying models to sit unused and unpainted, nor of glueing models together and leave them nekkid grey and vulnerable :-p, that’s Barbaric . Quite often they get painted before assemble even, or at least istart painting on the sprue.
i have about 3000 points+ of Northern Alliance, (Mantic inluding one unit dwarfs and elves )Orcs(GW) and Goblins (a mix of both ) and i am building/painting a Mega army set of more goblins currently.

Forces of the Abyss
Kings of Men - Arabian nights or Crusaders
Basilians / Brothermark

I might do Ratkin next year

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My Ogres are painted, finished them this year.

Next to come Abyssal Dwarfs!

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My dear Sir Nav - buying more figures than you can possibly ever paint is the biggest stereotype of the gaming community! This is a very common, if not tragic practice.

This funny cartoon would be mine.


love the cartoon. hehehe.
i fear the first prediction more likely.

Empire of Dust

Just starting Goblins

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I don’t use my models in games if they are unpainted (if you’re still busy that’s fine to though), so all of them.

I have Dwarfs and night-stalkers.

I have also painted but let go of a GW Chaos Warriors army and GW daemons (mostly Tzeentch, with a bit of Slaanesh).

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I haven’t, for a number of years, used unpainted models in a game, even friendlies. Admittedly, list building is done on the basis of what I like the look of, rather than what might be tactically better - and results often show it!

Can field the following:
Kingdoms of Men
Kingdoms of Men/Basilean/Brothermark
Kingdoms of Men/Rhordia (with camels!)
Dwarves (Imperial)
Northern Alliance
Sylvan kin/elves/nature

There are rambling blog posts (with weird model selections and often lousy pics) scattered across this sub forum!

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