Why do you play your army?

Yes! Why hasn’t this occurred to me?!
I played a ridiculous amount of Dungeon Keeper back in the day!

Desire to play abyssals intensifies


I just regret that Varangur dont have winged valkyres.

Anyway…I had Dwarfs and Warriors of Chaos for WHFB back in 7th edition. Then I went to Armies of Arcana, which has great army lists but rules not so much. Then KoW appeared.

So now I have GW Dwarfs for Free Dwarfs, Mantic Dwarfs for Imperial Dwarfs and GW Dwarf Slayers for Free Dwarf Berserkers. Then I have from Mantic huge Undead army (it was even on Mantics blog years back), Orc army, Goblin Army, Abysall Dwarfs army and Basilean Army. Nightstalkers are just undercoated and waiting for paint.

Meanwhile, I built Sylvan Kin and Twilight Kin from GWs elves and random miniatures. I also have High Elf and Bretonian army.

Warriors of Chaos were built as norse in WHFB so now they are Varangur.

And I have three historical armies from which I can built lists for Kingdom of Men, Leauge of Rhordia and Northern Alliance.

Needless to say, most of them are around 2000pts, no uber evil lists, mostly built on budget and rule of cool. Philosophy was “oooo, that looks cool, where can I use it?”. Probably not a best way to build an army, but it makes me happy. They all are painted (except Nightstalkers), every army have at least one unit converted and sadly, most of them never saw any action on table.

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Sorry to hear you don’t get much action for your armies. Is that due to interest in KoW in your area?

Well, short answer is yes.

Long answer is that things here are complicated as we are small gaming community which now is fractured. Most of old WHFB players went on with 9th age, rest just quit or went to board games. And the biggest gaming club also fractured and from close to 100 members now has les then 20 and all of them are painters and now they dont want to support gaming aspect of hobby. And FLGS not stocking Mantic is not helpful either…