Worth putting a Ballistae on a Beast of War?

pretty much what is says in the title. in 2nd edition, whether using historicals with mythics or Kingdom of Men, is it worth taking the ballistae on the Beast of War, or do they operate better as a melee centric unit?

I always do, usually hit at least once in a game. With the latest CoK, it makes things better with Steady Aim (?). I like long range shots at some chaff unit or a unit hiding behind another height 1 unit.

Yes! I always use one for the same reasons. CoK 19 made the Beast a lot better and veryuseful. Steady Aim and two shots are always worth 10 points imo.

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Yes, definitely. Its cheap and steady aim (plus improved stats) make it viable.

I don’t usually have a huge amount of shooting in my infantry heavy lists - so having a couple of these behind the line providing some fire power, then charging in - is a godsend

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I’ve personally played with the Slasher. It’s very similar with an artiliery weapon.

Practical experience
I just played against one in a KoM army and the points were wasted. fired one time the whole game and it missed with the two shots.

I also went away from my slashers solely because the base issues because mine was on a 75mm and I fired both slashers on the first turn and missed with all 4 dice. and the damage is 1d3 if I remember correctly.
( checks rules )
Mount a light ballista on it - Range 36", Ra 5+, 2 attacks, Blast (D3), Piercing (2) (+10 pts)

So points wise, it looks like its worth it.

Strategically, I think I would be taking it when I feel like Im stuck in a stand off vs. Giants or other similar monsters are out there. It would provide that motivation for the enemy to want to engage.

I would say its almost like a necessary evil. Its not going to do much, but it might be just enough to get your opponent to climb out of the deployment zone.

Getting two shots is nice - I actually wish the bolt thrower KoM have had these stats, and the one on the beast a better single shot!

With no pens to moving and no cover (if picking targets right) you can get a couple of free shots off at something. Yes, 5+ isn’t great - but I’d only put the points on minor items that I forget to use (rarely remember clashing/crushing consistently)

a war machine with height 4 (no cover from infantry), 2 shots with steady aim and only for 10 points? It’s a golden, except that you need that expensive war beast to support it.

It’s been boosted recently, but I prefer the giant over it, as the giant has a square base.

I expect in 3rd artiliery is going to have a bigger impact in the game.

Lets not forget that it works great as a Steam Tank. :grinning:

I’ll bet the V3 version will have some special effects which may make it even better.

Is this an option people miss?

It seemed like a bargain but you probably wanted it in combat asap.

That said, it limits the flavour and range of miniatures you can use. Hopefully they’ll be back in Clash of Kings at some point.

Yeah, using the Steamtank as a mammoth without balista is defintately a thing…

Booo!! Hisss!!!