1000pt Orc vs KoM

1000pt Orc vs KoM tomorrow. Here is a pic of our base board. We will mutually add more terrain tomorrow.


Orc list for tomorrow

  • Ax (20) Regiment [3 US, 130 pts]

  • Ax (20) Regiment [3 US, 130 pts]

  • Ax (20) Regiment [3 US, 130 pts]

  • War Drum [1 US, 80 pts]

  • Krudger [125 pts] 30- Shroud of the Saint

  • Godspeaker [85 pts]:[/b] Bane Chant (2), sub, Heal (2)

  • Gore Riders (10) Regiment [3 US, 190 pts]

  • Krudger [130 pts]. Gore

Total: [13 US, 1,000 pts]


And how did things turn out? Were you content with the army list?

Nice looking modulair board, btw!

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Can’t wait to see more of this!

1000 pt games get a bad rep, but I love them. Every decision and every roll feels very important. Maybe that’s why some folks don’t like them! They also have the advantage of being over quicker and thus incurring less wrath from the missus :grin:.

The board looks great! Are you treating the sea as impassible to make the board closer to the 4x4’ recommended in the rule book?

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With an angled river like that, picking sides could have an increased importance? I like it, looks great too.

I made a couple of last minute changes to the list. These are reflected in the edited post above. Good decision in the end as the added Krudger was the Unit of the match!

Great game there was a really tight finish. I am putting together a video battle report ATM.

We made sure to place additional terrain before we started to offset the river. We have videoed the terrain setup as part of our battle report (ready shortly). The board played really well. The kingdoms of Men army was all mounted and deployed on the wide side of the board. The complete worst case scenario for Orc foot sloggers.

Yes we played the river as impassable. I like angled rivers as it makes for a more dynamic board and makes for some obvious strategic decisions

This game did not go as expected. Both players battle plan seemed to play out but the result was a surprise. Here is a link to the battle report video https://youtu.be/YH_XkjAbgQo

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