10mm unit bases available online

Exactly half size bases, perfect for 10mm models and also suitable for 15mm models!



First off I recommend that people use Warbases as I have had nothing but great customer service from them.

Did the Kings of War - Small Scale Facebook group linked to there set the base standard? Counter Charges on 10mm from a couple of years back were pretty much using Warmaster dimensions (took a look at 10mm back then). Are these dimensions a relatively widely used - for a niche game - standard?

I would probably try and use thinner bases than the 2mm/3mm here, as with a smaller scale the depth of the base is more pronounced, a larger amount of the miniature/unit.

(Aren’t they quarter sized? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:)

I strongly disagree with using warmaster bases as a standard, it just seems way off to me. The most common way to play seems to be half size, according to the players on MINIHAMMER and Kow Small scale. Yes, I suppose the FB group did set the standard. But there are some groups who play differently, it is important to check with those nearby you…Or you could be the first and simply refer people to warbases to continue in your tracks. :wink:
good point about the thick bases but dont you think its nice to have something to “grab on to” when its that tiny?

2mm’s fine tbh - I think it’s more of an issue when those bases then go on unit bases and the layers start to build up, especially compared to the smaller minis.

I’ve looked at KoW at 10mm, but decided against it. If I did go for it, I’d look to build 2 or 3 forces and to host the game, providing both armies. Better to use armies and bases that worked for Warmaster as well, to open up the option of another game.

Be aware that warmaster size bases would mean nothing was the correct size for KoW. All units the same size as each other, and perfectly square instead of rectangular. I would rather use the kow bases in warmaster if I wanted to combine them, and make adjustments on kow’s terms rather than warmasters terms. But that’s just me. :grin:

eerm, maybe so. “half measurements” = quarter size? they really are tiny.
(since both measurements get halfed?) :face_with_monocle::grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

The Warmaster stands were 40x20mm. So not far off 50x20mm for an infantry troop. But yes, trickier for other units. You’d have to build the units out of 40x20mm blocks.

I reckon some fudging of the unit sizes would be fine if you were hosting the game.

If KoW@10mm is your main game then doing the reverse makes sense!

There is an obvious simplicity in just halving the dimensions, and playing exactly the same game of KoW but smaller. Though at this scale, particularly if you were playing bigger battles, it seems a good opportunity to ditch the different sizes for infantry/heavy infantry etc.