1500pt Undead questions (updated)

This is for all those who are better KoW-players than I am. Which is basically everyone😉.
In a few weeks I’ll have my first ‘post-covid’ KoW game. We’ll probably play 2000pt. My opponent plays Imperial Dwarfs. I’m expecting a horde of Earth Elementals, two cannons (or similar), a horde of warriors, Bulwarker regiment, two troops of something shooty. The rest is unknown to me.
We play fully painted only, so my options are very limited, especially considering the dwarven high defence. Here is what I’ve got:
1x regiment of Skeleton Warriors
1x regiment of Revenants
1x legion of Zombies
1x regiment of Wraiths
1x troop of Ghouls
2x troops of Skeleton Archers (or 1x regiment)
2x regiments of Werewolves (or 1 horde)
1x regiment of Revenant Cavalry
1x troop of Soulreaver Cavalry
1x Balefire Catapult
1x Goreblight
1x Vampire on undead Pegasus
1x Revenant King
2x Necromancer
That’s all I got painted. It’s lacking CS. All togerher(with biggest possible units) is 1995pt. Lists and tactics are much appreciated. Do your magic, please!

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Hey! Fellow undead player here.

Those zombies will be able to slow a lot down. His earth elementals will chew through anything – so I suggest getting your zombies in combat with those.

Have your necromancers heal up the zombies/drain life on the earth elementals. Your soul reavers will be able to wipe the elementals off the table once they flank. However, ensure your soul reavers don’t get blasted by his artillery – they will hurt!

You can use your vampire on pegasus to pluck the cannons out of the game, or use your skelly archers to snipe them. It’s been a while since I’ve played, but I do recall a bad nerve test can result in a damaged unit being unable to fire. Use this to cover yourself!

Your troop of ghouls will be eaten alive regardless of where you put them. Put them in front as chaff. Throw them away so that you can place an effective charge afterwards. Trust me, their sacrifice will not be in vein. Your wraiths can be the same thing but are tougher to knock out. Don’t expect any of these troops to deal damage.

Your werewolves and goreblight can be auxiliary forces on the field. Sprinkle them as you see fit during deployment.

The revenants will be decent against the warriors. Try to tie his warriors up with your skeletons and then have the revenants clean up. You revenant king can be with this group for inspiration (if he gives you that – sorry, I don’t remember).

Lastly, I’d use the catapult to deny parts of the table. I’ve seen people warp them around with surge too, which I find fun. Try to keep this alive because it will scare your dwarven adversary.

Hopefully this helps, have fun! Let us know how it goes too.


Wow, thanks for that extensive answer. It’s very comforting to hear, that I used most of my units in way others would too. Other things are interesting new ideas. Throwing my Zombies against the elementals and heal/drain life them…I wouldn’t have thought of that. I would have tried to get something more punchy against them. I like your approach though and will try that. I have to throw something out for drainlife, which will be a troop of archers. Any more thoughts on item? I was thinking of potion of the caterpillar and Sir Jesse’s boots of Striding for the cav.

If I’m really quick I could paint a regiment of Mummies for a (very unreliable) CS2-anvil.

Your post inspired me to play – so now I gotta think of my own tactics lol

For magical items . . . Hmmm, I feel like you could do a lot. I think an obvious choice is to give your soul reavers the item that allows +1 to hit (sorry, don’t remember the name). Soul reavers are one of the most deadly units in the game; make them even deadlier!

I think a worthwhile upgrade would be to give one of your necromancers the aura that makes zombies vicious. Having your zombies smack a little more against those elementals can help.

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Thanks for the tips and ideas. We will play end of June and we will only field 1500pt. I still have all of the above painted, but not enough points to field everything anymore. Suggestions?

I would cut points where you can but keep the same overall strategy.

He will field those elementals and cannons if he knows what’s good for him.

I’d prioritize the necromancers over the other characters if you need to cut. Having inspiration usually is a must, but Undead ignores most morale issues. Having spells like heal and drain life will be your best friend.

Field those soul reavers! You’ll love them. Keep them safe at the expense of your lesser ghouls, zombies, and skellies.

If you happen to have his list, I can probably give you more advice.

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Sounds reasonable. I had this list on ‘easy army’:

  • Zombie Legion
  • Revenant regiment --> Undead rats
  • Wraiths regiment
  • Revenant Cavalry regiment
  • Soul Reaver Cav troop
  • Werewolf horde
  • Balefire Catapult
  • Goreblight
  • Necromancer --> Bane chant
  • Necromancer --> Heal

I’m not a very competitve player, so I use some units because I like them (visually, like Zombie Legion) or to have some shooting to deny too free movement. Also Soul Reaver Cav and Revenant haven’t hit the table so they have to be fielded.
By the way @FredOslow, it would be nice if it were possible to include PDFs feom Easy Army into posts. I don’t know if that is even possible, but it would be very handy.

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I play the same way – I like the look and the social aspect of tabletop games in general. When deciding what to bring to the table, I throw down what I like and have painted up.

Luckily, KoW is so well-designed that a player with skill and a bad list can defeat a player with no skill and a good list. Field what you like and want, and learn the nuances of game. You’ll definitely have fun!

With that said; for your list I’d try to split up the zombies. Maybe a horde and a regiment instead of a legion. You’ll have the same amount of models, however not all tied up in one place. Chaff is useful and important in KoW.

You should type up a battle report of your game once you’re done – I’d love to read it.

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Think you have to do a Save As PNG and attach that. Or do a print screen, reopen in Paint, and save as PNG in there.
As PDF’s are “alive” and not actually a locked file, I dont think they can be inserted like you suggest.

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Unfortunatly I’m a bad player with a bad list😆
But as you already said, I will have fun!

PS: I can’t split up the Zombie legion unless I cut them in half, which I won’t do because they were a lot of work for a lousy 170pt!:wink:

Those zombies look great! It’s all about having the different rotting skin tones. You nailed it!

Even for 170pts, you’d be surprised how tough they are if you have some necromancer support.

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Thanks, I know that they are ‘tough’. They had a couple of games. Never disapointed!

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@FredOslow Good tip, seems to work. Thanks!