15mm Kings of War Siege

Finished building my castle for Kings of War, measures about 30x30cm. Each wall section hold a legion of troops. Think I’ll be adding some optional details like stars etc later for skirmish use. :hat off


Very nice, look forward to seeing it painted

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Looks really good, how did you build it? Right now it looks like it is built from individual pieces for every stone, and if that is true then that’s crazy dedicated!

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Jupp, that is the case… :stuck_out_tongue:

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Dude, that’s crazy! But the effort shows, really amazing work!

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I love this. So creative.

You must have the patience of a saint, too - any plans to use 15mm castle kits or is the freedom of individual bricks part of the appeal?

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Crikey! Lots of hours of work in there.

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Well, I really just started to kill some time one day while waiting… :stuck_out_tongue: Its been time-consuming sure, but still doable. I have a few 15mm MDF kits painted up, but who knows. Might swap them for home made stuff instead, after all its the process that’s the hobby.

Plan is to finish some siege equipment as well to go with it as well.

Finished the 15mm castle/fort, now its time for some siege equipment!
Measures about 30x30cm. :slight_smile:


Finished the siege towers as well.