15mm Kings of War

Prior to Kings of War kickstarter I already had a very large 15mm fantasy collection, alot painted but more unpainted lol.

I have played a couple of games with my 15mm collection and really enjoy the game.

Anyone else game in 15mm?

I play 10mm with Ogres. Opponent has Warmaster models so we stuck to that scale. I like the smaller scale as you can actually have flanking maneuvers and war engines do their job.

We play where all distances are halved but you still start 24” apart. No artifacts for units (except for heroes and wizards) since we play larger points at 5k.
As far as bases go we stick to the WM 20x40 base size best we can.
Infantry & cavalry t/r/h 40x20, 40x40, 80x40
Large infantry r/h/l same as infantry
Heroes, WE, & monsters on 20 or 25mm square
Chariots and large cavalry are 60x40 (bases turned and then put 3 together) with chariot hordes 60x80.

Individuals can be put on round bases. Charge arc is closest distance to the model with leader-point touching (or as close as possible). It’s easy and no crazy side charges. Hard to describe but easy to show. Wish they did this for the 28mm scale game.

I have plans for a small scale narrative event here in the US next year. I just need to get off my butt and organize it.

Here are my Ogres from Black Gate. Still have to paint up Chariots and hunters.


I can understand the desire to play kow with smaller scale models if one already has such models, but I am not a fan of people actively starting with smaller scale gaming unless as an addition to their normal scale gaming. For instance, I am of the impression that the small Gothenburg community suffered massively from the fact that a couple of key players there only played smaller scale KOW which in practice killed the interest for any single player wanting to join in on the game. Basically a niche within a niche is probably not great unless your area or city already has a sustainable KOW community, IMO. Sorry for appearing like a bit of a killjoy in this post by the way. :sweat_smile::scream_cat:

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Gee Fred, way to kill our excitement. What happened to love and acceptance in this forum? :laughing:

Sorry, felt like getting that out there. :sweat_smile:

Probably not the place but i currently have a 15mm KoW Elf army up for sale as i’m no longer playing that scale. Can provide ebay link if needed

I’m hearing the word Killjoy in your awesome English! :grinning:


So I have made progress on my latest 15mm, actually GW Ogres. They will be an army of giants that roam my 15mm world!

I bought them off of EBay and have touched up and repainted all the minis and the next step is Army Painter Drak Tone and then basing…


I have a bunch of these figures, which are great and I have painted them up as a 15mm wraband for, with lots of Mammoths!
The guys at Blackgate Minitures put some of my work on their web page…but they are also on mine


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I love the Black Gate Ogres. I still need to paint up all the mammoths I got from them.

The army has now been based ready for the field.

2 circular bases for the leader and standard
2 square bases, 40 x 40mm, for the artillery
23 squar bases, 80 x 80mm for the line giants

Next up my least favourite part applying the basing.

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That is the basing and edging done, now just need to apply a good spray coat of AntiShine


15mm KoW is something that I would love to get into. At that scale epic confrontations are very doable, and sweeping flanks become a real concern.

It is just a shame that there aren’t too many plastic 15mm scale fantasy ranges, and also it would mean getting two forces to help get the ball rolling if no one else collects at that scale.

Maybe one day I’ll take the plunge, but for now I am too smitten with the sheet variety of plastic 28mm fantasy that is available.

Your ogres look fantastic for 15mm.

Thank you, more pictures to follow

Army completed, I’m really pleased with the way they have turned out.

I will be compiling and posting some unit stats soons and would welcome comments

Jepp, we play KoW and Vanguard in 15mm as well! :slight_smile:
So far Ive got Goblins, Elves and Abyssal Dwarfs. Just starting an army of Hobgoblins(as KoM) using my own sculpts.

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I will be buying quite a few of those Hobgoblins once you Kickstarter them.

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Thats really flattering, I always gets a bit amazed when I see other people actually gaming with my creations… :blush:
Im not running AM myself, so I can’t say when. But I do hope its soon…

Here are my Goblins so far btw, still growing. Using the Demonworld range.


Very nice!