1k Northern Alliance list for team tournament?

I have a unique event coming up and could use some list help. Team tournament, 1k each, three games. Assume standard list building rules. Teams will be randomly drawn at the tournament, so I don’t know who my partner is or how their list will synergize.

Half the players (including me) are on the newer end of the spectrum, while the other half is composed of much more veteran level players. Presumably I’ll be across the table from one of the newer players.

If you don’t know scenario, teammate, or opponent, only that your partner is likely to be better than you are, how would you go about building your list? I’m likely planning to bring a mixed arms Northern Alliance or Brothermark list but am struggling with how to think through this.

To the extent it matters, the other 7 newer players will likely be running 1x Nightstalkers, 2x Abyssal Dwarf, 1x Imperial Dwarfs leaning into Def6, 1x Halfling auras and combined arms, 1x Orc, and probably FoA or Herd (depending on what @TastyBagel brings). Usually I think if HOMF as a points trap, but with that much Def 6, is it worth considering?

For Northern Alliance, I typically run pack hunters, snow trolls, and a mixture of thegns on ff and snow troll prime. Thoughts on how to build a list under these circumstances?


One of the other participants asked something similar on the Fanatics FB page a week or two ago, though was looking for more general advice. Sadly, it didn’t get a lot of replies, nor much of a discussion going. To, summarize the highlights of that thread, there was no consensus, and each reply was advocating a single style of list to bring:

-Anvils, arguing that your ally would likely be bringing the fun hammers or a mixed army, so holding things down for them (either for combat or for scenario play), could be helpful.
-Hammers, particularly speedy hammers, arguing that no matter what, you will be useful. (Example list was Kingdoms of Men, with 4x Knight Regiments and a flying General, which I will admit did pique my interest!)
-Mixed, to be responsible and make sure bases are covered.
-Heavy Shooting (Example list was Elves, bringing lots and lots of Sea Guard)

No one advocated for “all chaff,” so yeah, that about covers the kinds of lists one could bring!

NA probably doesn’t want to lean into cavalry hammers, but could do all the rest of these quite well. To maybe jump-start a discussion here, what about the following for a mixed list?

You have 35 points or so to customize (Chalice of Wrath, Trickster’s Wand…) Speaking from experience, I think you use your Pack Hunters (and Ice Kin Hunters) particularly well, so you would do well to include them. Likewise, the Dwarf Clan Warriors tend to do well in scenario play for you, or just delaying and holding things up since they come with Fury. And then with Regeneration, the Trolls tend to survive unless they get multi-charged by multiple hammers.


First question: will you be using regular unlock rules or ambush? From the army list above, I guess regular.

Than secondly: some playstyles benefit a lot from synergy within the list. This means you have a good trick and use it a lot. This is hard in 2 vs 2 battles, since you have no control what your opponent will do. Imagine having a heavy alpha strike list (2 hordes angels, ur-elohi, phoenix, chaff) and your ally brings a slow moving def 6+ wall… you both will not get to play the game you want. Due to this reason, I would steer away from extreme shooting (the goblin or w-elf kind) and extreme alpha strike.

The joy of this kind of tournaments that you can bring a combined arms list, but you can contribute half of it. For instance, bringing infantry+shooting elements can be a nice start. If your ally brings a lot of hammers, you have a good start (you can block the larger part of the battlefield, your ally concentrates his force into a small area). If your opponent brings a lot of def 6+, you have a nice wall to shelter behind.

so my suggestion is to bring half a of a combined arms list. Using Northern alliance, I would go heavy infantry. Huscarls, snow trolls (challice of wrath) supported by a lord on frostfang and slow troll prime. Conclude the army with some slow foxes and timber wolves as chaff/light cavalry and you have half of a hard hitting force.

The kingdoms of Men army using only knights is hindered (a lot) by terrain. Believe me, I tried it.. If you want to go this route, use a horde with boots, 2 regiments of knights, a wizz on pegasus (best chaff in the game) and a mounted general. This gives 25 points spare, which I would spend on veil of shadows on the wizz to keep your knights save. Just hope you don’t encounter a spear wall.

Instead, I would use (for instance) a Force of Nature list centered on heartpiercers supported by surged elementals such as:

This powerful enough and will supplement a lot of other builds.


Here’s something between @TastyBagel and @Vince :

Shooting skew to make something happen, troll anvil, your allotment of excellent nimble value squares, and I decided to go with Berserkers over Tundra Wolves because they’re unique to NA and can really lift if ignored. That said, a wolf troop would also be cool as dedicated chaff and a decently threatening nimble, pathfinding flanker.

Fun Fact: One of my first KOW tournaments was a one day, all random team event. That was back when I was running all fire elemental Salamanders and was quite a trip. I think my best match was when I was paired up with an all cav army, so his speed offset my total lack thereof :sweat_smile:


Thanks! Lots of good suggestions. I think we’re using regular army rules, not ambush, but not confirmed yet. I think there’s a good chance I’m matched up against Def 6 spam given the armies I know are coming. Worth working Hrimm into a list to have an answer? Something like this:

Northern Alliance [1000]

Ice Naiads (Infantry) Horde [255]

  • Tundra Fighters [10]
  • Spears [15]
    Pack Hunters (Infantry) Regiment [135]
    Pack Hunters (Infantry) Regiment [135]
    Snow Foxes* (Swarm) Regiment [80]
    Snow Troll Prime (Hero (Monster)) 1 [135]
  • Trickster’s Wand [15]
  • Hex (2)
    Hrimm, Legendary Ice Giant [1] (Hero (Titan)) 1 [260]
  • Icy Breath (12) [0]

Chunky Naiads horde to take up space. Two pack hunter regiments for shooting support. Stp with hex against mega casters. Cheap snow fox chaff. Hrimm to deal with big stuff.