2.3K Elves 1st tournament/games

Hi Everyone,

After years of hobby I have finally decided to come out of my Nerd closet and play a few games at a tournament (20 players, 1 day, 3 games)

Here is the list I’ll be taking:

Palace Guard (Horde) 265
Therennian Sea Guard (Horde) 260
Therennian Sea Guard (Regiment) 150
Therennian Sea Guard (Regiment) 150
Stormwind Cavalry (Regiment) 215
Stormwind Cavalry (Regiment) 215
Silverbreeze Cavalry* (Regiment) 200
Lord on Drakon 160
Dragon Kindred Lord 305

  • Blade of Slashing 5
    Nimue Waydancer [1] 150
    Elven Archmage 60
  • Bane Chant (2) 20
  • Lightning Bolt (5) 35
    Elven Archmage 60
  • Lightning Bolt (5) 35
  • Library Alchemist’s Curse 1 15

Total Unit Strength: 24
Total Units: 12
Target Points: 2300
Core (Target%): 2300 (100%)

I’m looking for some general advice on attending my first tournament, as well as any comments on the list (what to watch out for etc.)



On the list: looks like most of your inspiring has better things to do than stand around, so I would get an Inspiring Talisman on one of those mages.

On tournaments:
First and foremost, remember that you’re going to have fun.
Please read the tournament pack.

Make sure you have everything the night before.
Take some aspirin (or whatever you like for headaches) and some superglue along, just in case.
Remember to stay hydrated and to sit down if you can during the day.


Thanks for the advice @DarkBlack!

Do you think getting rid of the blade of slashing and alchemist curse would be worth it for the talisman?

It’s either that or replace Nimue with another lightning caster with inspiring.

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Yes, definitely.

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