2,500pts The Herd Vs. Kingdom of Men

Just had a great game against @Nav and his impressive Celtic themed The Herd against my Mongolian Kingdom of Men. Here is a teaser image.

Video will be up soon.


Nice match up! Looking forward to this.


Thanks @Stonehorse , it was great to finally face off against the Mongolians, youve done a great job on them

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Was a great game @Nav looking forward to the next one!

Here is the video


Are you still using a 4x6 table? I found with battle of 2300 pnts i am getting more trouble with moving my own units.

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@Stonehorse My warhound 'Gur Panthers had agood day, causing no end of trouble on your right flank, along with myGreater Earth Elemental, which made up for thepoor showing by Moonfang, who had been called in at the last minute to substitute for the Winged Beast of Nature, and wasn’t mentally in the game at all.
Your nerve rolls where the deciding factor though.
@MarkG The KoM were a little squeezed at the start, but the Herd are expensive enough so i had room to manouver

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My overall battle plan of ‘Scorched Earth’, wiping out objectives as i went, worked out well in the end, denying your cavalry any chance of dashing across the board in turn 6 to claim unprotected objectives and limiting your options,

After playing 2 games of 2,500pts on a 6 foot by 4 foot table I feel you may be right. It gives very little space for movement and hinders forces that rely upon their manoeuvrability.

I think for future games I may stick to 2,000pts. Also means less to models to paint.

Will break out the occasional large game when I have more table space.


Your Gur Panthers won you the game.

The way they managed to wipe out a regiment and a horde that had no damage on them with a single charge was spectacular. Who knew 12 attacks hitting on 4+ with Vicious could be so deadly?

Next time I see them, my artillery will be making them their primary target! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


Hehehe, the pedigree chum worked a treat on the warhounds /Gur panthers for sure

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@Stonehorse On our next game, you might want to consider including some fences/walls as the nearly universal Herd gift of Pathfinder for nearly every Herd unit meant that i could stroll around unhindered while limiting your own forces, and make the most of my thunderous charges

I have some to paint up. My spears and pikes did Rob you a few times of the Thunderous Charge benefit.

Thinknthe best thing I can invest in for the next game are some better dice! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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@Stonehorse they rolled ok at times , but really undermined you when it mattered most, for Nerve checks.
So many times you needed a 9 to waver and got an 8 or a six instead

@Stonehorse & @Nav Great to get a look at your armies on the table, impressive lines of battle.

As others have said the Mongolian cav probably needed a bit more room to operate - though some of this is down to the speed of The Herd units denying space too.

I’ll be honest - I’m biased, do like to see a Herd victory! Sorry Stonehorse.

And thanks for taking the time to recorded it and share it here.

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thanks @MarkG .i was a little concerned about the speed of the cavalry units too, so i targetted them whereever possible , However, it was the horde of Mongolian bowmen, along with all @Stonehorse regiments of scouting cavalry, made the biggest impact on my army, taking chunks out of my own infantry units in the shooting phase.


I wonder if in general the lack of enthusiasm for archers and their equivalents favours armies like The Herd, where it can still be quite nasty.

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i have a horde of Goblin spitters in that army, but generally, shooting units don’t look viable pointwise, hitting on 5s in shooting and combat and with poor defence ratings, whilst still costing as much as a fighter unit. The Viscious helps to reroll 1s, but generally, the points might be better spent elsewhere.
In this battle, i got to choose sides, (an important dice roll) and picked the side with an objective in the backfield, to deny his horde of archers a prime place to set up camp. It was destroyed in turn one. I had limited shooting/spellcasting, and all my spells were non offensive, (heal, bane chant and surge) so my mages could compliment and support my units.