2000 pt Goblin list.... thoughts?

I’m putting together a test run list for a Goblin army I’m building. This isn’t going to be used for tournaments. Just for fun at first.

This comes to 1970. Wondering what to do with the other 30 points.



125 Horde of Rabble
125 Horde of Rabble
125 Horde of Rabble
125 Horde of Rabble
125 Horde of Rabble
190 Horde of Trolls
160 Troop of Mincers

90 Big Rock Thrower
90 Big Rock Thrower
90 Big Rock Thrower

65 Sharp Stick Thrower
65 Sharp Stick Thrower
65 Sharp Stick Thrower

225 Giant

95 Wiz with Broomstick and Bane chant
65 Wiz with Bane chant
65 WIZ with Bane chant

40 Flaggit
40 Flaggit

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With that many artillery. you might want to consider a Winggit. Also, a Pendent of Inspiring on a Wiz eliminates the need for a Flaggit,

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How well do the winggits do?

I know they give Elite to the lobby type weapons but do they survive long enough to justify the 130 point cost.

Thanks for the tip on the Wiz. Forgot about the Inspiring Talisman

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I really wouldn’t worry about that much bane chant to be honest - the rabble ain’t going to kill anything even with it!

A mount & boomstick might come in more handy. Wingitas mentioned would work in the list , while blasters are also silly?


I’m still trying to buy a Winggit, but have proxied it in friendly games and it went well. It is rated highly, and many say it is underpriced for its cost value.
i didn’t mention it, but it almost goes without saying that all possible goblin units that can take a Mawpup should be equipt with some of the cute furry devils. They will probably do more damage than the unit itself.
i do find that Magwa & Joo is a serious option to consider, giving your units inspiring and having Lightning4, but also with Duelist. Vicious and Crushing Str 2 and hitting on 3+ for 7 possibly 14 attacks is a serious contender, and a nasty hunter to have in your army.


While your army does have some hitting power in melee (Trolls, mincers, giant), in a 2,000 army you’ll see that you need some more in that department. 6 pieces of artillery is a lot, I don’t think you need that many.

In my artillery-heavy KoM army, I use four and that is bordering into too much. Therefore I’d drop at least one, maybe two guns in favour of some melee power.

To gain some, I’d take four hordes of rabble plus a horde of trolls for unlocks. Give the rabble mawpups, so they can actually do something in melee. (it’s not much, but it helps). If you do so, you can drop at least two of the bane chants. I you go mawpups, maybe take a mawpup launcer as 5th artillery over the sharpsticks, these serve a dual purpose.

The question remains, what to take as melee hitters? I’d take some blasters, great deterrent at budget price. Another troop of mincers might help, also a regiment (or horde? ) of fleabags serves fine to prevent units from advancing too fast. The obligatory potion of the caterpillar on them, of course.

Finally, give a wizz the inspiring amulet to save a flaggit. Also, a goblin king with a shortbow is equal to a wizz and a flaggit at just one unlock. So, instead of the characters you chose, I might stick to 2 wizz (one with inspiring and bane chant and the other with the boomstick) and one or two kings with bows. If you have points to spare, give the king a chariot or fleabag to chaff if needed.

Finally, a wingit is a great addition to an army like this. I’d want two, but the points never seem to stretch. In that case, a single will have to to.


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Thanks for the advice.

I’ve since updated the list. It’s now…

4 hordes of Rabble , each with a mawpup. 1 unit has the hammer of measured force

1 horde of trolls with the staying stone

1 reg of Fleabag Riders with mawpup

2 troops of Mincer Mobs

3 sharp stick throwers

1 giant

2 goblin blasters

1 flaggit

1 wiz with Inspiring Talisman

1 wiz with Boomstick

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Just my thoughts from my limited experience, the mawpup launcher performs really well even if it’s simply providing mawpups to your own units.
The winggit is deadly and at worst takes your opponent’s attention away from everything else and if it doesn’t, bomb the hell out of them!
Spitters seem rubbish, as they hit on 5+, but take a lot, (a hoard and a regiment, 2 hoards?) and suddenly you’ve got a lot of ranged attacks and again your opponent needs to focus on removing that or risk being shot off the board.
In addition, I’ve found war trombones very effective, a regiment of luggits a necessity and an honourable mention to hoards of fleabag riders.
On the negative, trolls have been useless, as was a banggit and a stinggit and the jury is out on mincers, both individually and as regiment, although being routed by a double six roll in their first round of combat on their last outing may be influencing me unduly!
Anyway that’s just my take on playing for and against the little green monsters. The most important thing is that they’re really entertaining to play and the size and variation of the army looks great on the battlefield

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I’d pretty much agree with everything you said, @HouseElf although i don’t use mawpup launchers and have only playtested the Winggit as the model is always sold out when i have available cash to buy one.
I go for a horde of Spitters with Dragonshard shield on them, to hold my back line and rain arrows down from their, and protect objectives/artillery . If something does charge them, it’ll be defence 6 for the first round of combat, then step back the free inch out of combat and fire arrows at them again as they suck in hand to hand. Luggit regiment is a must, as well as hordes+ of sharpsticks or rabble. i also find that a Fleabag rider horde with Maccwar’s potion of the caterpillar or Jesse’s Boots of Striding to prevent them getting tangled up in terrain is points well spent. I have a Flaggit but never use it, prefering a King on Chariot and a Wiz with Inspiring Talisman. If i have another must HQ it’d be Magwa & Joo, that dude rocks. The greenskin Trolls are a poor cousin to the Northern Alliance cousins, but can have their place, if needed, as is the Goblin’s Giant.

Thanks Nav.
The winggit is a nice model, I’m not surprised it sells out a lot!
I’m quite poor with magic items, but that shield on the spitters is an excellent combination, I’ll definitely steal that.
Not tried Magwa, may have to proxy someone in for him and Joo.
My army also has a legion of rabble, which is obviously hard to kill and does look impressive on the battlefield. Because of its size it’s quite unmanoeuvrable and, as it’s entirely lead citadel minis from the ‘80s, weighs more than me. Haha. So all in all tough to move around, but for me, keeps to the bonkers theme of goblins.


So when I look at the 3rd ed book it shows the Spitters are Irregular.

Do you use a bunch of smaller regiments to pull in the slots that are needed for war machine, heros and monsters?

I’ll try the Winggit out.

My thoughts were that the stick throwers were cheaper and hit more often (hit on 4+)

I do like the idea of using the Winggit as a war machine hunter. Dropping bombs and such

If I drop the trolls I’ll have plenty of room to add the Winggit and possibly adjust to add something else

@Kazar i don’t use as many war machines, as yourself, prefering a more infantry heavy Goblin force myself, so hadn’t an issue with Spitters being irregular.
@HouseElf I have a horde and a Legion of Sharpsticks, plus 2 regiments/horde of Rabble, but have enough Rabble left for another horde once i get them painted.
i’m currently playing a practice game for the Call to arms next round with my Northern Alliance army, and the battlefield certainly would be challenging for numerous hordes/legions.

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Thanks Nav.

After reading through the Winggit and Magwa rules they definitely need to be in my list.

Having the Winggit to be some what of a WM hunter and its other rules is a good idea.

Magwa is great for back line defense .

I’m planning on more of a turtle mode until something gets close enough for the Giant and Mincer combo to do some serious damage.

List so far is…

Horde of rabble with mawpup x4
Reg of fleabag riders with mawpup and staying stone
Troop of mincers x2
Blaster (run forward and BOOM)
Blaster (run forward and BOOM)
Sharp Stick Thrower x3
Wiz with Inspiring Talisman
Magwa and Jo’os

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This is why I do not use them. In my goblin army (still under construction, though) unlocks are scarce. As both characters, war machines and monsters are all cheap and nice toys, I feel I can do better than using sputters by replacing them with rabble and using their unlocks.

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Go for it Kasar . TBH my goblin army has been used around 15 times and it’s constantly evolving, based as much on new shiny new stuff as anything else! I reckon give your army a go and see what happens. Ditch the stuff you hate and move on. Also, report back here as I’ve not used blasters or Magwa and want to know how they go!

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