2000pts forces of the Abyss new


my response to a 2000pts army

I’m fairly new in kow.


3*lower abyssals Horde 570pts

2*molochs horde 450pts plus despoiler champion 40pts = 490pts

2*Chroneas 430pts plus drain life 60pts = 490pts

Archfiend of the Abyss 310pts plus chant of hare 20pts = 330pts

Abyssal Warlock 90pts plus diadem of dragonkind 30pts = 120pts

Total 2000pts

US: 22

Can that army be a possibility?

Lots of options work but a few thoughts, especially for early games with a new army.

Succubi are good, especially with the Lurker upgrade. They are more resilient than they look with ensnare. You might swap some lowers out for them. Also flamebearers are good chaff / counter chaff - so again you could take some instead of the lowers.

You have limited mobility and speed is king in KOW so maybe some horsemen as they are top tier heavy Cav IMHO. Maybe only take one Chron to make space.

Finally you need more inspiring - if the Archfiend flys off to the flanks you only have the warlock . Champions or harbingers are good options as are the named-Seductress.

As it is, more inspiring in you line, otherwise it looks good.
I like the wall of lower abyssals, but I would go for more mobile hammers.

Horesmen over molochs, do that you have a fast mounted wing while your lower abyssals hold things up.
Pathfinders are great too, so I would consider some succubi too. It’s also cheaper in money because the army box has horesmen and succubi.

Army: v2

2*lower abyssals Horde 380pts

2*Flamebearers regiment 310pts

2*Abyssal Horsemen 480pts.

Chroneas 215pts plus drain life 30pts= 245pts

Archfiend of the Abyss 310pts plus chant of hare 20pts = 330pts

Abyssal Harbinger 65pts

Abyssal Harbinger 65pts

Efeet 115pts, darklord’s onyx ring 10pts = 125pts

Total 1995pts

US: 20

is that better?

looks balanced - I would trade both the items for Jboots or pathfinder on one of the horsemen

Warlocks are tasty - inspiring, have a shooting attack, can be bane chant and have US - so would look to squeeze one in (for harbingers - 2 maybe if ditch drain life)?

Lower abyssals really need some punch - hammer of BC support.

Arch fiend has vicious (melee) as standard - so chant is waste of points really

Army: v3

2*lower abyssals Horde 380p

2*Abyssal Horsemen 480pts.

Molochs horde 225pts plus despoiler champion 20pts, Mead of madness 10ptd = 255pts

Chroneas 215pts

Archfiend of the Abyss 310pts

Abyssal Harbinger 65pts

Abyssal Harbinger 65pts

Efeet 115pts

Efeet 115pts

Total 2000pts

US: 19

my 3 option, is it an option?

I still think you will want Jboots or Catapiller on at least one of the horsemen so you can attack / attack through cover.

I’d drop one of the lower abyssal hordes down to abyssal ghouls and use the points to buff other units - items for cavalry or upgrade harbinger to warlock etc